Friday, September 10, 2010

September 13, 2010

"Sombre reptiles" - Brian Eno (Another green world)
"Continent & western" - Fond of Tigers (Continent & western)
"Bye bye Idi" - Bruce Cockburn (Dancing in the dragon's jaws (2002 reissue))
"Intro" - The XX (The XX)
"The hobo son" - Ronnie Hayward with 5 Stat Homeless (The hobo son)
"The maze: the beginning" - Danilo Perez (Providencia)
"RFK in the land of apartheid" - Jason Moran (Ten)
"Im maien" - Piffaro (Stadtpfeiffer: music of renaissance Germany)
"Doctor child" - Five Alarm Funk (Anything is possible)
"Dad I'm in jail" - Was Not Was (What up, dog?)
"Convergence" - Matt Garrison featuring Claudio Roditi (Familiar places)
"I like the sunrise" - Darrell Katz (A wallflower in the amazon)
"Rubber room" - The Johnnys (Louder faster more fun)
"Beware the eleventh step onwards" - The Quaint Hearted (The Quaint Hearted)
"Bombs" - Better Off Dead (Definition)
"Break down my door" - Amy Wood (Cinnamon heart)
"Samba soul' - Thomas Blondet (The sound of Rhythm & Sound)
"Janitor of lunacy" - Nico (Cathedrale-Notre-Dame, Reims, France, December 13, 1974)
"Ow!" - Ray Anderson (Old bottles-new wine)
"John the revelator" - Sheila Wilcoxson (Backwater blues)
"Lowell's bowel part 3" - Barry Romberg's Random Access (The gods must be smiling)
"Meditation" - Gene Harris Quartet (Another night in London)
"Concussion" - Electric Riddles (Pixxx)
"The werewolf" - Robin and Barry Dransfield (Brig Folk Club, The Adelphi, Lower Briggate, Leeds, UK, May 20, 1973)
"Niska banja" - Sviraj (One to remember)
"Beat bop" - Jacky Terrasson (Push)
"Ellipses" - This Invitation (Sunless/Ellipses, lapses, and collapses)
"Mute" - Charlie Mariano (The great concert)
"A rose is a rose…" - Diane McIntosh (Pinnacles: music of/musique de Diane McIntosh)

Musically, I thought this was a strong show, especially the first couple of hours. Things came together well and hung together. There was plenty of variation but also a fair amount of inter-connectedness. I wasn't so fussed about my performance on the mic today; too much stumbling, gaps, gaffes, and errors; oh well, I will survive :-)

I played one of my favourite instrumentals today, "Sombre reptiles" by Brian Eno. I've been thinking that my show could do with a theme, something regular and recognizable to start the program, and the idea occured to me that "Sombre reptiles" could be a good theme tune. I'm going to mull this over for a while but I welcome thoughts from listeners and readers about this.

Best CD title this week: Louder faster more fun by the Johnnys. There's a good motto for life!


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