Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 20, 2010

"Walk dance" - Plotz! (The kid)
"Mandelbrot" - Kelly Jefferson Quartet (Next exit)
"Turiya & Ramakrishna" - Alice Coltrane (Ptah, the El Daoud)
"Book of krittika" - David S. Ware (Onecept)
"Rail" - Reid Jamieson (Staring contest)
"Raincoats"- Efterklang (Magic chairs)
"Goin' down" - Cory Weeds (The many deeds of Cory Weeds)
"I love the way you" - Cowlick (Wires)
"On y va" - Mohammed Alidu and the Bizung Family (Land of fire)
"What goes on" - Sufijan Stevens (This bird has flown: a 40th anniversary tribute to the Beatles' Ruber soul)
"Something I can't know" - Kathryn Ladano (Open)
"Macedonia" - Various (Jam session)
"Mystic brew" - Ronnie Foster (The two-headed freap)
"I do all my own nude scenes" - Sleep For The Nightlife (Human people EP)
"All is falling: part 5" - James Blackshaw (All is falling)
"To Bob Vatel of Paris" - Jason Moran (Ten)
"Blind injustice" - Richard Leo Johnson and Gregg Bendian (Who knew Charlie Shoe?)
"Kottpolska" - Hoven Droven (Groove alchemy)
"The healing festival" - Tim Buckley (Starsailor)
"Aung San Suu Kyi" - Wayne Shorter Quartet (Usher Hall, Edinburgh, March 5, 2003)
"Surfing for silence" - Salinas (Salinas)
"MLT" - String Cheese Incident (Nashoba Ski Area, Westford, MA, June 6, 1998)
"Trouble" - Jay Sparrow (The tempest line)
"Chains of passivity" - The Green Hour Band (Coming of clockwise)
"Morning star" - EXIT 451 (The sea above the sky)
"Cobbler's jig/Maltese brawls" - John Renbourn's Ship of Fools (John Renbourn's Ship of Fools)
"Black crown ceremony I: diamond terrifier" - Zs (New slaves)

Another wide and varied set, though the first hour ended up being about 3/4 jazz. Interestingly, hour 2 was my butterfingers period; I left long gaps between some tracks and I think I played something twice... sigh... Alternately, hours 1 and 3 were technologically smooth.

Best album title this week: Staring contest (Reid Jamieseon). According to Allmusic, there are only two albums with this title, including Reid Jamieson's.

Best song/tune title this week: "I do all my own nude scenes" by Sleep For The Nightlife


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