Monday, February 14, 2011

February 21, 2011

"Big 'stache" - The Creaking Tree String Quartet (Sundogs)
"Sarana" - Ray Russell (Rites and rituals)
"Oral roberto" - Robert Hurst (Bob ya head)
"If I were a carpenter" - Johnny Cash (Nieuwe Rai, Amsterdam, Holland, February 26, 1972)
"Spruce mountain pass" - Pharmakon MTL (To call out in the night)
"I can't get behind that" - William Shatner with Henry Rollins (Has been)
"Lay low" - My Morning Jacket (Z)
"We're laughing" - The Psychedelic Aliens (Psycho African Beat)
"Very large snowfall" - Harley Shit Fingers and the Bogus Gambler (Riding songs for father's knee)
"Marrket-place" - The Nightcrawlers (Down in the bottom)
"Invention 8207PM" - Braxton-Hemingway (Old dogs (2007))
"Which way to go" - Emma Hill and Her Gentlemen Callers (Meet me at the moon)
"The noose" - Zevious (After the air raid)
"Another sky" - Akron/Family (S/t II: the cosmic birth and journal of shinju TNT)
"East St. Louis, 1968" - Kurt Vonnegut and Dave Soldier (Ice-9 ballads)
"Stick w/ me kid" - The Dears (Degeneration street)
"Intro" - heRajiKa Tracks (Love universal)
"Good times bad times" - Dread Zeppelin (Hot and spicy beanburger)
"Caravan" - Graham Reynolds and the Golden Arm Trio (Duke! three portraits of Ellington)
"Morning Mr. Magpie" - Radiohead (The king of limbs)
"Morning Mr. Magpie" - Radiohead (Webcast, December 18, 2002)
"Della be della" - Jay Crocker (Co-stars)
"The mod trade" - The Black Beats (Psych funk sa-re-ga)
"Improvisation for piano" - Burkhard Mahler (Fusion white classics II)
"Miner" - No Age (Nouns)
"Encore" - Fred Anderson and Muhal Richard Abrams (Live in Verona)
"Sitar beat" - Klaus Doldinger (Psych funk sa-re-ga)
"Freddy's dead" - James Rolfe (Raw: chamber music by/musique de chamber de James Rolfe)
"Glow" - Features of Spheres (Features of Spheres)

A nice mixed bag show this week. Nothing too heavy, nothing too weird (maybe), some funny stuff (Shatner with Rollins, Dread Zeppelin), and a good sampling of groovy music from India (Psych funk sa-re-ga) and Ghana (The Psychedelic Aliens). Just wish I hadn't tripped over my tongue as much as I did. Oh well, I will be more fluid in the vocal department next week.


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