Monday, February 7, 2011

February 14, 2011

"Billy's bones" - The Pogues (Rum, sodomy & the lash)
"Muppet shock" - Alon Nechushtan (Words beyond)
"100,000 raisons" - Harmonium (Harmonium)
"The night goes on" - Matt Savage (Welcome home)
"Nobody but me" - The Dickies (BASEketball soundtrack)
"Swift silver" - Vivienne Spiteri (Jalsaghar)
"The lonely spider" - Lhasa (Lhasa)
"Bolero" - Jimi Hendrix (West coast Seattle boy)
"Le marais" - Geggie Trio + Donny McCaslin (Across the sky)
"Shopping" - The Jam (Extras)
"The child" - Stephan Micus (Bold as light)
"Papa's got a brand new pigbag" - Pigbag (Volume one)
"Blues in the am" - Houston Person (Mellow)
"Two and one" - John & Eve McLaughlin (Studio 1974, NYC radio session 1970)
"Any more" - Chris Parrello + Things I Wonder (Chris Parrello + Things I Wonder)
"Once" - Christine Fagan (Once)
"Afterlife lottery" - Farewell To Freeway (Filthy habits)
"Travelling" - Mark Waind (Humantown music)
"Valse" - Parker Abbott Piano Duo (Gallery)
"Blissed out" - Junk Culture (Summer friends)
"Agnus dei" - Gothic Voices (The spirits of England and France - 4: the missa caput)
"Momentum" - Patrick Butler (Transcender)
"To touch the red brick" - Polar Bear (Hold on the tips of fingers)
"One adam 12 mambo" - Arturo O'Farrill (Risa negra)
"Devil's dance floor" - Flogging Molly (Live at the Greek Theatre)
"Inner eye light house" - Mourning Coup (Mourning Coup)
"Inner urge" - Larry Coryell (Prime picks: the virtuoso guitar of Larry Coryell)
"Dreamland" - Joni Mitchell (The seeding of the summer lawns)
"Eat yourself alive" - New Fight Scene (Glass dragons)
"The lawnmower" - Engine (Start)
"Downstairs" - Hey Rosetta (Seeds)
"Song for the underdog" - Fraser Hollins (Aerial)

This was a less "experimental" program than last week, maybe more of a mixed bag this week. Still good stuff, with lots of tracks played.

Happy Valentine's Day, one and all!


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