Monday, May 30, 2011

June 6, 2011

"Calamity song" - The Decemberists (The king is dead)
"To eh" - Harris Eisenstadt (Canada day II)
"Raggle taggle gypsy/Tabhair dom do lamh" - Planxty (Planxty)
"The laughing cavalier" - Reynold D. Philipsek (Tales from the north woods)
"The pseudocarp walks among us" - Weasel Walter-Mary Halvorson-Peter Evans(Electric fruit)
"Go gaunt green" - Cheer-accident (No ifs, ands or dogs)
"Got it" - Amanda Tosoff (Looking north)
"The hollow men" - Marlon Brando (Apocalypse now soundtrack)
"Mr. Fox" - Mr. Fox (Join us in our game)
"Southern coast" - We're Not Popstars (Full colour)
"Read your name" - Randall of Nazareth (Randall of Nazareth)
"Go Back Home" - Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir (Ten Thousand)
"Bloodhound" - The Donkeys (Born with stripes)
"God?" - The Dodos (Visitier)
"Radio generation" - Pat Jordache (Future songs)
"Alligator"(choir version) - Grizzly Bear (Friend EP)
"Sycamore" - Bill Callahan (Woke on a whaleheart)
"Guns" - Megafaun (Gather, form & fly)
"August four, year-of-our-lord blues" - Efrim Manuel Menuck (Plays "high gospel")
"Bound to be that way" - Do Make Say Think (You, you're a history in rust)
"Heaven" - Ebo Taylor (Life stories: highlife & afrobeat classics 1973-1980)
"Make the road by walking" - Menahan Street Band (Make the road by walking)
"Swedenborgske rom" - Jaga Jazzist (What we must)
"Insects" - Fridge (The sun)
"Dawn chorus" - Boards of Canada (Geogaddi)
"Repeat" - Prefuse 73 (The only she chapters)
"Lost & found" - Amon Tobin (Isam)
"Dark advances" - Male (We are all welcome)
"Down by the river" - Low & Dirty Three (In the fishtank)

Finally, here's the list for the June 6, 2011 program. I was only able to be behind the board for the first hour of the show; Myke Atkinson very kindly took over the last two hours and did his usual great job. Many thanks to Myke! Myke's set began with the Randall of Nazareth track; everything before that was played by me.


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