Monday, May 16, 2011

May 23, 2011

"Gbomei adesai" - The Psychedelic Aliens (Psycho african beat)
"Space probe" - Sun Ra (Space probe: a tonal view of times tomorrow, vol. 1)
"The facts" - Jezibelle (Victus mortuus)
"Beehive" - Dr. Lonnie Smith (Spiral)
"Babushka" - Reynold D. Philipsek (Tales from the north woods)
"So what" - Marcus Miller (A night in Monte Carlo)
"Nu" - Anat Fort Trio (And if)
"Water" - Tarun Nayar (22 degrees of beatitude)
"Rumba Colombia" - We're Not Popstars (Full colour)
"Mangosteen 3000 A.D." - Weasel Walter-Mary Halvorson-Peter Evans (Electric fruit)
"Can't buy me" - Fema Kuti (Africa for Africa)
"The words that maketh murder" - PJ Harvey (Let England shake)
"Heaven's engine is a dusty ol' bellows" - Efrim Manuel Menuck (Plays "high gospel")
"This, our home" - Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (Stay gold)
"Larry has traveled 11 miles and waited a lifetime for the return of Vishnu's report" - The Stanley Clarke Band (The Stanley Clarke Band)
"Carol Ann" - Soft Machine (Seven)
"Blood loss" - Myelin sheaths (Get on your nerves)
"Itsunomanika" - Paolo Angeli/Takumi Fukushima (Itsunomanika)
"Can't say not" - Fist City (Twothousandandten)
"Awe" - Miracle Fortress (Was I the wave)
"A worthy endeavour (for Cajori)" - Bill Frisell (Beautiful dreamers)
"Mr. Joy" - The Bley-Peacock Synthesider Show (Revenge (the bigger the love the greater the hate))
"Bisi's beat" - Soki Ohale's Uzzi (Nigeria 70: sweet times: afro-funk, highlife & juju from 1970s Lagos)
"Noid" - Bedrock (Plastic temptation)
"Processions" - Family (Family entertainment)
"Face in the crowd" - Family (Family entertainment)
"Capricornus" - Austin Peralta (Endless planets)
"Cavalry cross" - Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy (Brave & the bold)

This was a wide-ranging show, featuring three afro-rock tunes, lots of newish (2009-2011) jazz, some experimental stuff, some not-that-well-known 60s music (e.g. Family, Bley + Peacock), local rock (including two bands from Lethbridge, AB), and more. More of the same next week.


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