Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016

The podcast and tracklist for this episode are at

I followed the same structure as last week's show, with older tracks at the beginning and end of the program and all-new material in the middle. Like last week, I thought it was a format that worked well. Incidentally, I actually played some straight-ahead vocal jazz, which I rarely do; the track in question was "Sunday in New York" from Tim Tamashiro's new CD, Drinky (I think I played it because of the minor key and the CD cover :-)

As for next week's show (Feb. 22), I suspect that it will be an all-new stuff edition.  A lot of new material, both CDs and in digital format, has crossed my path in recent and there's a fair chunk of it that I'd like to throw out to the world.

The Feb. 29 show will be a Black History Month special.  As Breaking The Tethers is a jazz program (basically), I'm going to play jazz and jazz from the source, mother Africa.  Everything in the program will be jazz from that continent.  I won't be able to feature a large amount of music (BTT is only an hour long) but hope to play a mix of styles from various places in Africa.


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