Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016

This ended up being another "all-new" program.  I didn't plan it to be so but none of my other ideas for the show really went anywhere so "all-new" is what it ended up being.  And it was a pretty good show, despite some verbal butterfingers from me on the mic.  I managed to squeeze in 11 tracks in one hour which is pretty good for a jazz program.  This helped to get through a lot of the newly-released material that I have on deck to play.

I'll be back behind the boards on Monday, August 2, likely with a program featuring a mix of old and new.  I'm away next week (in Las Vegas!) so Linda Cunningham will be filling in for me.  Linda has hosted Breaking The Tethers a bunch of times over the last several months and has always produced a great show, with interesting tracks.  I expect nothing less for the July 25 edition of BTT! :-)


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