Monday, August 6, 2018

August 6, 2018

This was a show much like last week, featuring much variation in style and age.  I also followed last week by playing a cover and its original version, in this case "Contemplation" by the Lenny Marcus Trio, released this year, and "Contemplation", the original, by McCoy Tyner, recorded and released in 1967.

I should apologize for the last song played in this program.  I had meant to play a track by Jerry Granelli.  I announced the track by Jerry Granelli.  But then I accidentally played a song by the Muffins.  Sorry!  I will make up for this gaffe by putting the Jerry Granelli song on air first thing on the next show.

On that note, the next Breaking The Tethers episode will be one week from now, Monday, August 13, 10-11 am MT, 90.9 FM, (usual time, usual place).

However, I will be on air before then, guest-hosting Alternative To What? on Thursday, August 9, 4-6 pm, same radio station.  I always have fun hosting ATW? (not that I don't with my own show, of course!).  Please join me if you can!


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