Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November 20, 2007

"Scrapper" - Alain Caron (Conversations)
"Take the cake" - Jesse Van Ruller (Trio)
"Soledad" - William Parker/Raining On The Moon (Corn meal dance)
"Kiss and run" - Sonny Rollins (Plus four)
"Little bits" - Leo Smith (Rastafari)
"Hope flows… like water" - Tom Teasley (Painting time)
"Black satin (remix)" - Miles Davis (Evolution of the groove)
"Decollement" - Charlie Hunter and Bobby Previte as Groundtruther with John Medeski (Altitude)
"Downtown east side picnic" - The Bob Murphy Quartet (Downtown east side picnic)
"Wink leak/Traps/Leonard Feather" - Bley/Sheppard/Swallow/Drummond (The lost chords)
"Muir Woods suite: phase 5" - George Duke (Muir Woods suite)
"No problem" - Clarke Terry (Color changes)
"Manha de caranaval" - Ed Bickert (At last)
"Jump up, get down" - The Brubeck Brothers Quartet (Intuition)
"Billy duck" - Marilyn Crispell and Gerry Hemingway (Duo)
"That way" - Spacious couch (Tonal vision)
"Summertime" - Matthew Shipp String Trio (Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival, Knitting Factory, New York, June 8, 2000)
"Les nuits de Monsieur Naj" - Erik Truffaz (Arkhangelsk)
"Rocket #9" - Hugh Marsh (Hugmars)
"Mixed message" - The Nels Cline Singers (Draw breath)
"Ghost of Betsy" - Terence Blanchard (A tale of God's will (a requiem for Katrina))

Not a bad little show. I managed to make it through OK with the remnants of a very bad cold. My faves from this week: "Billy duck" by Crispell and Hemingway (I've just discovered Marilyn Crispell), Shipp's version of "Summertime" (I know this almost overwhelmed at least one person who was listening to the show), "Les nuits de Monsieur Naj" by Truffaz, and "Rocket #9" by Hugh Marsh (gotta love a Sun Ra cover!).

I won't be doing Breaking The Tethers next week (November 27). Philip Barker from Morning Joy will be more than ably taking my spot. I'll be back for the December 4 show.


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