Wednesday, January 2, 2008

December 25, 2007

This year, there was a Christmas Day show:

"2005 05 27 08:13:55" - Bitchin' (Dig your roots/Découvre tes racines)
"Om" - John Coltrane (Om)
"Raccuorcir en sechant" - Michel F. Cote ((juste) Claudette)
"Dreaming big dreams" - Richard Underhill (Kensington suite)
"The child within" - Jessica Williams (Arrival)
"Altered laws" - Altered Laws Quartet (The outsiders)
"Wheatland" - Oscar Peterson Trio (Canadiana Suite)
"Eleanor Rigby" - Oscar Peterson (Motions and emotions)
"Invisible paths" - Steve Coleman (Invisible paths: first scattering)
"God rest yet merry gentlemen jam" - Jerry Garcia and David Grisman (Santa's boots)
"Magic elixir" - George Koufogiannakis (Explorations in improvised music)
"Sweet misery" - Wilson/Lee/Bentley (Escondido dreams)
"Mock pollock" - James Cohen (High side of lowdown)
"It could happen to you" - 3 Cohens (Braid)
"J.P.'s tune" - Tony Wilson 6tet (Pearls before swine)
"Space is the place" - Sun Ra (Space is the place)
"Lloro tu despedida" - Ike Quebec (Bossa nova soul samba)
"Rock the clock" - Ornette Coleman (Belgrade, Yugoslavia, November 2, 1971)
"New rose neurosis" - Avi Granite (6 red tree)
"Song of the underground railroad" - John Coltrane (Africa/brass)

My original plan for this program was to play mostly jazz from the avant/experiment/freaky side of the tracks. This did happen (there's plenty of wild stuff in the list above) but some mellower tunes snuck in. This is OK; I'll put the tracks I had lined up for the 25th but did not play in later shows. Also, with Oscar Peterson's death on December 23, it seemed appropriate to play a track or two in his honor, which I did.

BTW, my apologies for not getting this list up earlier. I had hoped to post it in the days immediately after Christmas but it just got away from me.

Philip Barker (the regular host of "Morning Joy" on CJSW) kindly did the January 1, 2008 edition of "Breaking the Tethers" for me (I am in his debt). I'll be back on the air on Tuesday, January 8.


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