Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January 22, 2008

"Too marvelous for words" - Miles Black Trio (Some enchanted evening)
"Nightmare of the mechanized world" - Brad Goode (Nature boy)
"Khalid of space part two" - Larry Young (Lawrence of Newark)
"Hymn of the orient (alternate take)" - Clifford Brown (Memorial album)
"Lost in San Rafael" - Carmen Lundy (Come home)
"Progress Is made" - Michel F. Cote ((juste) Claudette)
"Canyon song" - Oregon (Essential Oregon)
"Promosexual" - Tanya Kalmanovitch Hut Five (Out where the trains don't run)
"Young and foolish" - Fraser MacPherson Trio (Live at Puccini's 1977)
"Caribbean fire dance" - Joe Henderson (Mode for Joe)
"Evod" - Ari Brown (Live at the Green Mill)
"Shame" - James Carney (Green-wood)
"Lover man" - Roger Kellaway/Red Mitchell (Life's a take)
"The wait" - Mike Ruby (Play time)
"Monkey tree/Just stories" - Wilson/Lee/Bentley (Escondido dreams)
"Just in time" - Murley, Bickert, & Wallace (Live at the Senator)
"Black unstoppable" - Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble (Black unstoppable)
"Christmas time is here" - Simon Fisk/Stephen Fisk/Tim Fisk (Calm abide: Christmas reflections)
"Dance of the harlequins" - Lalo Schifrin (Esperanto)
"70 mile" - Brad Turner Quartet (Small wonder)
"ABACADEF" - Degenerate Art Ensemble (Cuckoo crow)
"Vendome" - The Modern Jazz Quartet (Pyramid)

Favourites from this show include "Khalid of space part two" by Larry Young (and his mighty organ), "Canyon song" by Oregon, and "Black unstoppable" by Nicole Mitchell. I played a fair amount of mellower, more "normal" jazz during this show, even though it's not really my taste; I do try to cover a lot of ground and today, the coverage went in this direction. So be it.

I'll be out of the country for a week so Philip Barker will be taking the reins of Breaking the Tethers on January 29. He will do a fine job, as always. I'll be back for the February 5 show.


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jkohl said...

Andrew. Thanks for sharing our music with your listeners!
Love, Degenerate Art Ensemble.