Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 8, 2008

My first show of the new year (Philip Barker from Morning Joy subbed for me on Jan. 1st):

"The other one" - Manteca (Onward!)
"Wailin' with Hank" - Art Farmer (Farmer's market)
"Horn'in in" - Tony Wilson 6tet (Pearls before swine)
"There comes a time" - Bobo Stenson (Goodbye)
"He said what?" - Russell Malone (Live at Jazz Standard)
"Scuffle" - Brad Turner Quartet (Small wonder)
"Great plains of Algiers" - Steve Lehman Quintet (On meaning)
"Pretty out" - John Scofield (This meets that)
"Play time" - Mike Ruby (Play time)
"Knives out" - Brad Mehldau Trio (Day is done)
"Architect of time" - Tom Harrell (Light on)
"Stretch" - Peter Lerner (Cry for peace)
"Drum battle" - Ginger Baker and Art Blakey (Munich Olympics, Munich, West Germany, 1972)
"Chelsea bridge" - Fraser MacPherson (Encore)
"The devil theory" - Antizario (It's great to be fine)
"Improvisation 2" - John Zorn, Milford Graves, Bill Laswell (Tribute to Derek Bailey, The Barbican, London, June 17, 2006)
"Alice in my fantasies/Cosmic slop" - Spaceways Incorporated (Thirteen cosmic standards)
"Free and equal: preamble" - John Surman (Free and equal)
"Western lies" - The David Joel Quartet (Spiral sky)
"Trou du jour" - Michel F. Cote ((juste) Claudette)
"Gemini (phase 1)" - Sean Jones (Gemini)

This was a pretty good show, I have to say (at least music-wise; I wasn't too fond of my on-air patter, though). It featured a fair amount of new music plus an inadvertently high number of guitar-centred tunes, not that there's anything wrong with that. A few things that I particularly liked were "The devil theory" by Antizario, the improvisation from Zorn, Graves, and Laswell, and the drum battle between Baker and Blakey (gotta keep the drum freaks happy!).


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