Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 15, 2008

"Knocked my socks off" - Heather Blush (Vice)
"Brilliant corners" - Thelonius Monk (Brilliant corners)
"Flying home" - New Guitar Summit (Shivers)
"Conversations" - John Carter (Castles of Ghana)
"Code view" - Cosmologic (Eyes in the back of my head)
"L'homme de fer" - Four Free
"Darfur" - Bill Dixon (17 musicians in search of a sound: Darfur)
"Dos d'ane" - L'Orkestra Des Pas Perdus (Project 9)
"Big weeds" - Ian Hendrickson-Smith (Blues in the basement)
"Seven sides to the story" - Jamie Baum (Sight unheard)
"Time flies" - The Anthony Wilson Trio (Our gang)
"Quest" - Mario Pavone (Trio arc)
"Road hog" - Cinghiale (Hoofbeats of snorting swine)
"Discipline strikes again" - Jason Marsalis (Music in motion)
"Ski-wee" - Von Freeman (The improviser)
"Piegrande" - Damian Nisenson Trio + 3 (En concert)
"Circle in the round" - Miles Davis (The Miles Davis Quintet, 1965-68: The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings)
"In retrospect" - Muhal Richard Abrams (Things to come from those now gone)
"A good idea" - Delius/de Joode/van der Schyff (The flying deer)

The main feature of this show was Miles Davis' "Circle in the round", which, at 33:32, took up much of the last hour. It's long, it's controversial but it's probably my favourite Davis track. The late Tony Williams does a great job on this piece; in many ways, his drum work makes the performance. The version of "Circle" featured here is the long version, which appeared on the 1965-1968 Quintet boxed set; there is a shorter version, at 26:19, that appeared on the "odds and ends" compilation of the same name, released in 1979. Check both out if you can.


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