Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22, 2008

"Smile" - Mark Dejong (The unknown)
"Down here on the ground" - Grant Green (The finest in jazz: Grant Green)
"Hindustan" - Preservation Hall Jazz Band (The essential Preservation Hall Jazz Band)
"Pivot point redux" - Fieldwork (Door)
"Parts and holes" - Robert Walter (Cure all)
"Circular movement" - Eri Yamamoto (Duologue)
"The sidewinder" - Lee Morgan (The finest in jazz: Lee Morgan)
"I'm glad there is you" - Roland Kirk (The inflated tear)
"Capricorn" - Bob Erlendson (All about jazz)
"I'd advise you not to miss your train" - Bobby Previte and the New Bump (Set the alarm for Monday)
"And/or" - Bob Claire (Another day)
"Don't let the dragon eat your mother" - John McLaughlin (Devotion)
"Allen's alley" - Cy Touff & Sandy Mosse (Tickle toe)
"Drume negrita" - Manuel Valera (Forma nueva)
"Smoke stack" - Andrew Hill (Smoke stack)
"Remy's revenge" - Corey Wilkes (Drop it)
"No bull" - Cory Weeds Quartet (Big weeds)
"The winding way" - Dave Holland Quartet (Dreams of the elders)
"Yellow are the crowd of flowers, II" - Myra Melford (Be bread)
"Flex flux" - Eric Hofbauer & The Infrared Band (Myth understanding)
"Swapan tari" - Devadip Orchestra (Scandinavium, Goteborg, Sweden, November 11, 1978)
"Lulu" - Hutchinson Andrew Trio (Lost but not forgotten)

This was a show with many solid tracks and some great ones, IMHO. Keepers for me were Robert Walter's "Parts and holes" (fave piece this week, maybe), "I'd advise you not to miss your train" by Bobby Previte (the album features titles that are as good as this one), and "The winding way" by the Dave Holland Quartet.

More of the same kind of thing next week (what that will be, I do not know exactly :-)


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