Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8, 2008

"The wobbler" - Joel Haynes Trio + Seamus Blake (Transitions)
"African cookbook" - Randy Weston (Spirits of our ancestors)
"The Holly stomp"- Eric Hofbauer & The Infrared Band (Myth understanding)
"Seven days of falling" - Esbjorn Svensson Trio (Seven days of falling)
"Los guiros" - Chucho Valdes (New conceptions)
"Sunspot" - Bob Claire (Another day)
"Panorama" - L'Orkestra Des Pas Perdus(Project 9)
"Rite shoe" - Chet Doxas Quartet (Sidewalk etiquette)
"Reve pour Louis" - Brad Shepik Trio (Drip)
"Koolbonga" - Mary Lou Williams (Black Christ of the Andes)
"Chucktown" - Steuart Liebig/Tee-Tot Quartet (Always outnumbered)
"Slide by slide" - Roswell Rudd and Archie Shepp (Live in New York)
"Winnipeg at night" - Bob Erlendson (All about jazz)
"Pivot point" - Fieldwork (Door)
"Simply said" - Cory Weeds Quartet (Big weeds)
"Purple people" - Mark O'Leary/Mat Maneri/Randy Peterson (Self luminous)
"Thank you" - Eri Yamamoto (Duologue)
"Firecracker" - The James Danderfer Group (Accelerated development)
"For Roy (Haynes)" - Jay Boehmer (Autumn afternoon)
"A strong glue is not neceesary" - Jean Martin, Evan Shaw (Piano music)

Several tunes with Canadian content today but, by far, my top piece this week was "African cookbook" by Randy Weston. It's an interesting work with lots of good performances all-round but what really sets this apart from the others is the work of the bass players on the track, Alex Blake and Jamil Nasser; they do great stuff throughout, particularly in the last couple of minutes.

More in the same vein next week, including what might be my favourite Miles Davis performance (hint: it's very long and somewhat hard to find).


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