Friday, August 15, 2008

August 15, 2008

This was a showfill for one of the alternating Friday 6-9 am jazz programs, Pound Cake Jazz (the other show on Fridays is Jazz For Quantum Cats):

"Third invocation" - D.D. Jackson (Suite for New York)
"Night dreamer" - Wayne Shorter (Night dreamer)
"Concrete view" - Nils Wogram, Root 70 (Getting rooted)
"Some other time" - Bill Charlap Trio (Somewhere: the songs of Leonard Cohen)
"A tale begun" - Jan Garbarek (In praise of dreams)
"My bucket's got a hole in it" - Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis (Two men with the blues)
"Coupe" - Robert Walter (Cure all)
"Concorde" - The Modern Jazz Quartet (Concorde)
"Flintstones II" - Herb Ellis/Ray Brown Sextet (After you've gone)
"Vague hotels" - Simon Fisk/Chris Gestrin/Jerry Granelli (Vague hotels)
"Walkin'" - Frank Morgan (Reflections)
"Black Thursday" - Tin Hat Trio (The sad machinery of spring)
"Jaya jaya Rama" - Alice Coltrane (Huntingdon ashram monastery)
"Concerto for George" - The People's Band and Congress of Musicians (B.J. Levy presents ThePeople's Band and Congress of Musicians)
"For Nick/Horn/Know" - Francois Houle 6 and Danielle Hebert (Poor boy: songs of Nick Drake)
"The unknown" - Mark Dejong (The unknown)
"Flute down" - Karl Denson (Dance lesson #2)
"Trap-op" - Ed Littman (Splatt)
"Event horizon" - Assif Tsaher with John Tchicai (Vision one: Vision Festival 1997 compiled)
"Tin tin deo" - Stanley Turrentine (Look out!)
"O'Neal's bridge" - William Parker (Double sunrise over Neptune)
"Blues for" - John Lloyd (Four and five)
"Ellingtonia II" - Rosella Washington & Tyrone Brown (CIMPosium, volume 9)

Not a bad show, I must say. I had to dig into the CJSW library a bit for some of the tracks in the last hour and made some interesting discoveries (the Vision one and CIMPosium CDs; John Lloyd's Four and five). Sometimes when I do this, I find myself struggling to discover anything that will fit the progrsm; other times, it's amazing CD after amazing CD. Such is the way things go.

My next show is on Tuesday, my usual Breaking The Tethers spot.


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