Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 19, 2008

"My soul's been anchored in the Lord" - Paul Neufeld (Walk together)
"Sister Mamie" - Yusef Lateef (Live at Pep's)
"Theme from Night Visitor" - Ted Nash (The Mancini project)
"To whom it may concern" - Tony Williams Lifetime (New York 1969)
"Wow" - Sharel Cassity (Just for you)
"Basswave" - Markus Stockhausen/Ferenc Snetberger/Arild Andersen/Patrice Heral
"Always there" - Joel Haynes Trio + Seamus Blake (Transitions)
"Celebration jig" - Bob Brookmeyer/New Art Orchestra (New works)
"Remember Fela" - Gangbe Brass Band (Whende)
"Greasy brain food" - Crash (Candy shop)
"Witch doctor no. 2" - Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars
(Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars: lighthouse at Laguna)
"Experience" - Francois Carrier/Michel Lambert/Jean-Jacques Avenel (Within)
"Bedtime story" - Michael Moore & Fred Hersch (This we know)
"Misadventures" - Blink (The epidemic of ideas)
"Laura" - Coleman Hawkins (The hawk flies high)
"O.G.D."- Jake Langley/Joey DeFrancesco Trio (Sound of jazz series: 30th anniversary collection)
"Seventh day rain" - The Chad Makela Quartet (Flicker)
"Lights of Lake George" - William Parker (Double sunrise over Neptune)
"Going home" - Teddy Edwards (Smooth sailing)
"7 midot" - Daniel Zamir (I believe)

This was my return show to Breaking The Tethers, in a sense, after hosting Pound Cake Jazz on Thursday. Everything went fairly well; this was a fun show to do.

Looking at the music, kudos go to Yusef Lateef, William Parker, and Daniel Zamir though I have to say that I really liked pretty much everything. I should note that "Greasy brain food" (great title!) by Crash was the 2500th track played on Breaking The Tethers, in a little over two years.


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