Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August 5, 2008

"Levitation" - Nancy Walker (Levitation)
"Core" - Francois Carrier/Michel Lambert/Jean-Jacques Avenel (Within)
"Bees-ees" - Johnny Griffin (Johnny Griffin)
"Allo caveman" - Martin & Fisher (Little man on the boat)
"Exposition sans tableau" - Martial Solal (Exposition sans tableau)
"Ipanema" - Rob Wasserman (Space island)
"Bossango" - Howard Alden and Ken Peplowski (Pow-wow)
"Violet sky" - Eri Yamamoto (Duologue)
"Little anthem" - The People's Band and Congress of Musicians (B.J. Levy presents The People's Band and Congress of Musicians)
"The source in between (latin re-mix)" - Elio Villafranca (The source in between)
"Cro-Magnon" - Sinistrio (Sinistrio)
"Neptune's mirror" - William Parker (Double sunrise over Neptune)
"New orbit " - Matthew Shipp Trio (Rock the net: musicians for network neutrality)
"Hidden haiku" - Eric Hofbauer & The Infrared Band (Myth understanding)
"'Round midnight" - Hein Van de Geyn & Lee Konitz (Meeting again)

I think that this is the show with the shortest number of tracks played, only 15 in three hours. This is because of the two long pieces that I included this week, "Core" by Carrier/Lambert/Avenel (40 min) and "Neptune's mirror" (22 min) by William Parker. I'm particularly fond of the latter, which features a myriad of instruments and goes in all sorts of directions; it also has a great rhythm guitar and bass groove. I was also pleased to be able to throw in some Matthew Shipp; I discovered this on a compilation CD while browsing the other playlist sections in the CJSW booth.


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