Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24, 2009

"Bella" - Indigone Trio & Strings (Cycles)
"Titled" - Keefe Jackson's Project Project (Just like this)
"Wishful walk" - Praful (Pyramid in your own backyard)
"Complete communion" - Don Cherry (Live at the Café Montmarte 1966, vol. 3)
"The runt"- Forth Inversion (Forth inversion)
"Davey's purple powerline" - Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (Sameness of difference)
"Blowdart" - The Rick Jensen Trio (Snowdrift)
"Mosaic" - The Blue Note 7 (Mosaic: a celebration of Blue Note Records)
"Reza" - Jaco Pastorius (The birthday concert)
"Joy spring" - Tricia Edwards (Joy spring)
"Bless my soul" - Nightmares On Wax (Smokers delight)
"Semi-simple variations (alternate version)" - The Bad Plus joined by Wendy Lewis (For all I care)
"Comfortably alone" - Simon Fisk Trio (Trainwrecks)
"Smog cutter" - James Carney (Green-wood)
"Sometimes" - Ian Smith (Daybreak)
"Eternal joy" - Joe Lovano (Symphonica)
"HAR-YOU theme" - HAR-You Percussion Group (Sounds of ghetto youth)
"Acookarache" - Jerry Bergonzi (Tenor of the times)
"Chief Crazy Horse" - Wayne Shorter Quartet (Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland, March 8, 2003)
"Telematic" - Fieldwork (Simulated progress)
"American buffalo" - Scott Fields Ensemble (Mamet)

Perhaps the most notable thing about this week's show is that I actually played two tracks by local performers (Tricia Edwards and Simon Fisk); normally, I manage one. I don't consciously avoid playing local musicians but I guess they sometimes get lost in the mix; there is loads more content from elsewhere in Canada and internationally. Still, I must remember the local scene, which isn't shabby.


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