Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 3, 2009

"Sidewinder" - Tricia Edwards (Joy spring)
"Song of praise/Jesu meine freude" - Brotherhood Consort (Cite de al musique, Paris, France, February 9, 2008)
"Pourquoi, Laurent?" - Ran Blake Quartet (Short life of Barbara Monk)
"Son of ice bag" - Lonnie Smith (Think!)
"Dans la ville sombre" - Hagans/Belden (Re-animation live!)
"Footprints" - Patti Littlefield/Mark Weaver (Resonance)
"Manto azul" - David Sanchez (Cultural survival)
"Dogs" - Blah Blah 666 (It's only life!)
"La clef (the key)" - Forgas Band Phenomena (L'axe du fou/Axis of madness)
"Anthracite" - Jay T. Vonada Quartet (Jammin')
"In this city" - Bess Drury (Artic)
"Faraway" - Johsua Redman (Compass)
"Get along with mating squids" - Mark Alban Lotz & Lotz Of Music (Bite!)
"Refraction 1" - Jason Moran (Artist in residence)
"Pillars" - Jerry Granelli (Koputai)
"Spacejunk" - Rick Frank (Yellow mountain)
"Shahgely" - Indigone Trio & Strings (Cycles)
"Shakti" -David S. Ware (Shakti)
"Feeling good" - Dee Alexander (Wild is the wind)
"Ode to odomos" - Curtis Andrews (The offering of)
"I am a jelly doughnut (or a commentary on U.S. german relations post WWII)" - Gutbucket
(A modest proposal)
"With purpose" - Michel Bisceglia (Inner you)
"Algorithmic" - Rinse The Algorithm (Locutions)
"Doki (remixed by DJ Vadim)" - Beats On Canvas (Beats on canvas)

I was pretty sick when I did this show (still am; I'm fighting a bad cold; I've had it for the better part of a week) and I'd driven to CJSW in an early morning snow/slushstorm. Still, it worked out OK, save for a couple of technical "butterfingers" moments and some trips of the tongue.

Fave tune this week: The Brotherhood Consort's medling of Coltrane and Bach.

Next week's show will be noteworthy in that it will feature the 3000th track played on Breaking The Tethers. This will likely happen sometime in the first half of the second hour (8-9 am MST). I'm not planning to play any particular tune or song but I hope to remember to say a few words at the momentous moment.


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