Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31, 2009

"Malabar" - Curtis Andrews (The offering of)
"No agreement" - Fela Anikulapo-Kuti (Black man's cry)
"Daydream" - Cedar Walton (One flight down)
"Kopanitsa" - Matt Darriau (Paradox trio)
"A matterapat" - Dr. Lonnie Smith (Rise up!)
"In love?" - Mark Alban Lotz & Lotz Of Music (Bite!)
"Pressure" - Metalwood (The recline)
"J.P." - Normand Guilbeault Ensemble (Dualisimus)
"Karteh khah" - Gerald Cleaver/William Parker/Craig Taborn (Farmers by nature)
"Big in Japan" - Ion Zoo (Set free at the Cellar)
"The low road" - John Scofield (This meets that)
"Poetry in motian" - Ryan Meagher (Atroefy)
"Everything I love" - The Tom Warrington Trio (The mountain)
"Caravan" - Mimi Fox (Perpetually hip)
"Rug stain saint" - Jeff Younger's Sandbox (The nudger)
"S'bout time" - Tony Monaco (Live at the Orbit Room: the ultimate jam)
"Brain born outside of it's head" - Gutbucket (A modest proposal)
"Horn OK please" - The Indica Project (Horn OK please)
"Hobo comedies" - Jerry Granelli (The V16 project)
"My favorite things" - McCoy Tyner (Guitars)
"Barretts bag" - HAR-You Percussion Group (Sounds of ghetto youth)

Another fun and varied show. There were a number of new tracks, first appearances (Fela!), lots of guitar (especially in the middle hour), some organ, and Indian, African, and Balkan-influenced sounds. A nice mix in all, I think.


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