Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14, 2009

"Samuel" - Sienna Dahlen (Off the floor… into the garden)
"Love for sale" - Miles Davis (Kind of blue: legacy edition)
"Slow down sagg" - Tony Monaco (Live at the Orbit Room: the ultimate jam)
"C'mon it's just a dollar" - Gutbucket (A modest proposal)
"Dark state of mind" - Tuatara (Breaking the ethers)
"E" - Dave Kikoski (Dave Kikoski)
"Irresistible" - Moe Clark (Circle of she)
"Ethiopia" - Sonny Greenwich (Hymns to the earth)
"Can't complane" - Ryan Meagher (Atroefy)
"Sailing" - Ion Zoo (Set free at the Cellar)
"City lights" - Brenda Earle (Happenings)
"Figwig" - Flute Force Four (Flutistry)
"We're not from around here" - Bill Frisell (The best of Bill Frisell: vol. 1, folk songs)
"Aquatic adventures, episode 19: the unceremonious demise of waterbugs" - Jeff Younger's Sandbox (The nudger)
"Leopard lady" - Franz Koglmann (L'heure bleue)
"Mixed grill" - Bill Evans/Randy Brecker (Soulbop band live)
"Jazz trash" - Ellery Eskelin (Jazz trash)
"Against the day" - Land of Kush (Against the day)
"Stalker" - Time Jazz Quartet (Studies in jazz in studie: aspects of jazz from the Netherlands
"It's all good" - Hank Crawford/Jimmy McGriff (Crunch time)

Perhaps the most notable thing about this show was that 1/5 (4/20) of the tracks feature vocals prominently. Four songs out of 20 may not seem like much but I used to program weeks on end of shows without vocals. Oh well, times change.


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