Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21, 2009

"Slap and tickle" - The NOW Orchestra (Animal tales)
"Concierto de aranjuez" - Jim Hall (Concierto)
"Modal trane" -Turtle Island Quartet (A love supreme: the legacy of John Coltrane)
"L'axe du fou (axis of madness)" - Forgas Band Phenomena (L'axe du fou/Axis of madness)
"Pond life IV" - Ann Southam (Pond life)
"Chasen vs. suribachi" - Medeski, Martin, & Wood (Radiolarians II)
"Brother, can you spare a dime?" - Ray Anderson (Every one of us)
"Succor" - Flow Trio (Rejuvenation)
"T.A. the W. (tender as the wind)" - Lost tribe (Lost tribe)
"The queen's drone" - The Bruce Freedman African Groove Band (Live at the Cellar)
"Uncharted" - Joshua Redman (Compass)
"Erghen diado" - Indigone Trio & Strings (Cycles)
"Lazy snake" - Dave Holland Sextet (Pass it on)
"Four winds" - David Holland Quartet (Conference of the birds)
"Enlightenment" - Graham Haynes (The griot's footsteps)

A whopping 15 tracks here, perhaps the lowest number of items ever played on Breaking The Tethers. The reason for this is because of the length of the tunes; jazz pieces are often long but some in this set went on for quite some time e.g. "Enlightenment" by Graham Haynes is nearly 27 minutes long.

Fave track this week: "Chasen vs. suribachi" by MMW from the brand-new release Radiolarians II. I saw this in Vancouver last week and grabbed it.


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