Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7, 2009

"Blame it on the muchachas" - Michael Farquharson (Michael Farquharson)
"Rivers run" - Dave Holland Sextet (Pass it on)
"Upper four hundred" - The Three Sounds (Soul symphony)
"Brown bag" - Booglaoo Joe Jones (Legends of acid jazz)
"The great blue orb and the well hung chads" -The NOW Orchestra (Animal tales)
"Agua de paz" - Dino Saluzzi (Kultrum)
"Pond life III" - Anne Southern (Pond life)
"Reflections of romance" - Jefferson Grant Quintet (As one)
"Teeth" - Soft Machine (Fourth/fifth)
"Mr. Kenyatta" - Lee Morgan (Search for the new land)
"Accra" - Geoff Keezer (Waiting in the wings)
"Concorrencia desleal" - Antonio Valdetaro & Grupo (Leticia)
"He's a hero" - Clifford Jordan (The adventurer)
"Void" - The Julius Hemphill Sextet (At Dr. King's table)
"The one that got away" - Rubim de Toledo (The river)
"Oasis" - The Bruce Freedman African Groove Band (Live at the Cellar)
"Open window" - David Friesen (Castles and flags)
"Double-sens (double entendre)" - Forgas Band Phenomena (L'axe du fou/Axis of madness)
"Life" - Palle Mikkelborg (Song…. tread lightly)
"Munchkins" - Mark Helias (Loopin' the cool)

I have to admit, I really liked this show, favourites galore, new and old. I'm particularly fond of the pairing of Soft Machine and Lee Morgan, two of my main likes. Looking at the Soft Machine track in particular, I hadn't heard either their Fourth or Fifth albums until recently and was not sure if they would hold up to the great Third record; they aren't quite as good as Third but they are better than I expected so I played one track on Breaking The Tethers today.


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