Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 14, 2009

"Little nezumi blues" - Darren Sigesmund (Strands)
"Locustland" - Steuart Liebig/The Mentones (Angel city dust)
"Cloud " - Nigel Kennedy Quartet (A very nice album)
"Flat pack fantasy" - Led Bib (Sensible shoes)
"SICK JJ" - Corey Wilkes & Abstrakt Pulse (Cries from tha ghetto)
"Sugar for pan" - Narell and Relator (University of Calypso)
"Elijah" - Nomo (Invisible cities)
"Cancion sin nombre" - Huascar Barradas (My favorite things)
"One out" - Jon Miller Quartet (Orchidology)
"Depth of field" - Simon Fisk Trio (Unless)
"Thicket" - Joe Morris (Wildlife)
"Undecided" - Bill Tapia (Livin' it live)
"Voyage" - Laura Klein & Ted Wolff (Cerulean blue)
"Jazz oddyssey II" - Spinal Tap (Back from the dead)
"Contrecoeur" - Adrian Vedady (In three acts)
"Folklore" - Etienne Charles (Folklore)
"Back home in cowtown" - Kevin Smith Trio (Afterthought)
"Yukio khalfia" -Abdullah Ibrahim (Banyana)
"Blue bolero" -Abdullah Ibrahim (Senzo)
"Orunmila" - Donald Malloy (Spirituality)
"No neighborhood rough enough" - Steve Lehman Octet (Travail, transformation, and flow)
"Free me" - Bill Banfield Band (Spring forward)

First off, apologies for not posting this earlier but I've had a busy few days: a day-long meeting, medical appoints, a sick pet I had to take to and from the vet, etc.

The main thing this week was another focus on "new" music, though it wasn't a complete "new" show (I did one of those a few weeks back); there were some older, previously-released tunes. This was manifest in a way in the double-set of Abdullah Ibrahim that I played; one piece from 1976 ("Yukio khalifa") and the other from 2008 ("Blue bolero").

I ended up being away for the July 7 Breaking The Tethers (Philip Barker ably filled in - thanks to Philip!). I should be around for a while though I will miss one Tuesday in August. I'll definitely be behind the mic for July 21 and will also be filling in on July 20 program (the Jazz Baby show).


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