Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18, 2009

"Creature of habit" - Mike Murley Quintet (Extra time)
"Muhammad Ali" - Barrett Martin (The painted desert)
"Poem " - Wynton Marsalis (He and she)
"Fears" - Wynton Marsalis (He and she)
"Cat creeps" - Medeski, Martin, & Wood (Let's go everywhere)
"Latin tinge" - Bill Summers & Irvin Mayfield (Los hombres calientes: vol. 4: vodou dance)
"Meditation" - Beyond The Pale (Postcards)
"Part 2: moneypulated" - Tigran Hamasyan (Red hail)
"Faithful" - Sillan & Young (Under my feet)
"O argaleios" - George Kofogiannakis (Generations: greek oud jazz)
"Fingeroo" - Steuart Liebig/The Mentones (Angel city dust)
"Excuse me, but did you know your pants are ripped" - Michael Herring's Vertigo featuring David Binney (Dark materials)
"Fire waltz" - Eric Dolphy with Booker Little (At the five spot, vol. 1)
"If the stars were mine" - Melody Gardot (My one and only thrill)
"Lament on ash Wednesday" - Klang (Tea music)
"Fire song" - The Uri Caine Ensemble (The Othello syndrome)
"Jazz oddyssey III" - Spinal Tap (Back from the dead)
"Equinox" - Bill Banfield Band (Spring forward)
"Holiday Joel" - Tin Hat Trio (The rodeo eroded)
"Upsidedowntown" - Jason Kenemy's UpSideDownTown (Jason Kenemy's upsidedowntown)
"Hunky & dory" - Kevin Breit & Jesse Stewart (Collisions)
untitled - Sondre Lerche and the Faces Down Quartet (Duper sessions)
"Eleven thrice" - John Lindberg Ensemble (Bounce)
"Nothing will ever be the same again" - John Klemmer (Arabesque)
"The fly" - Erik Truffaz/Sly Johnson (Paris)
"Secret life of the forbidden city" - Charles Lloyd Quartet (Hyperion with Higgins)

Some notable things about this week's edition of Breaking The Tethers:

*Four tracks with vocals, including one in Norwegian (I think; this was the Sondre Lerche track). I don't think I've had that many in one show before. What is the world coming to.

*First appearance of the late Booker Little, on "Fire waltz" with Eric Dolphy. I'm surprised I've never played Booker Little before but he didn't appear on that many recordings in his short life.

*11 tracks were played in the first hour. Was this a record for 60 minutes? Maybe. The total for the program was 26, a tad higher than average but not the record for Breaking The Tethers (I've played in the range of 32 or 33).

This was my first show back after a week's break. Philip Barker from Morning Glory ably filled in for me. Many thanks to Philip. I'll be doing his September 3 show.


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