Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 25, 2009

OK, I'm just a little late in getting this up:

"All about the Hank" - Richard Whiteman Trio (All or nothing at all)
"Duo exchange (side one)" - Rashied Ali and Frank Lowe (Duo exchange)
"Jupiter" - John Coltrane (Interstellar space)
"Teardrop butterfly" - Praful (One day deep)
"Tang the hump" - Stanton Moore (Flyin' the koop)
"Conversation with you in a dream - 1" - Tiresas (Delicate fires)
"Ow! " - Coleman Hawkins (Supreme)
"The turning " - Jason Kenemy's UpSideDownTown (Jason Kenemy's upsidedowntown)
"Afro blue " - Anthony Braxton Standards Quartet (Bergamo Jazz 2003, Teatro Donizetti, Bergamo, Italy, February 21, 2003)
"Howlin' " - Eric Mingus (Healin' howl)
"Locomotive " - Peter Brotzmann and Bill Laswell (Low life)
"Honeysuckle rose " - Dicky Hyman (In concert at the Old Mill Inn)
"Round trip, pt .2 " - Beaver Harris and the 360 Degree Music Experience (From ragtime to no time)
"Mtume " - Bobby Hutcherson (Head on)
"Diffusus " - Mark Takeshi McGregor (Different stones)
"King Michael" - Bob Shimizu & Signal Strength (Cuchillero)
"Introduction " - Tindersticks (Hungry saw)
"Hit single " - Sonny Sharrock (Space ghost)
"Moonlight on Vermont" - Mario Schiano Trio (If not ecstatic we refund)
"Tanjah" - Randy Weston (Tanjah)
"Seasons/Serenade to a cuckoo" - Rahasaan Roland Kirk (Brotherman in the fatherland)
"Onyx-topaz" - Sam Rivers (Hues)
"Cadillac for each foot " - Flattstreet (This dog is big)
"Formal garden" - Rob Clutton (Dubious pleasures)
"Bearings on cair paravel" - Michael Herring's Vertigo featuring David Binney (Dark materials)

This was a fun show, I thought. Lot's of wild stuff from the 70s that go in some interesting directions (e.g. "Round trip" by Beaver Harris, "Tanjah" by Randy Weston) plus two duets featuring the recently-deceased Rashied Ali, who died on August 12.

Next week, I'll be doing Breaking The Tethers on Tuesday (Sept. 1) as usual and I'll also be filling in for Philip Barker on Morning Joy on Thursday (Sept. 3).


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