Thursday, August 13, 2009

July 21, 2009

I just realized that I hadn't posted the list from the July 21 show. I am bad but here it is:

"Yo mo oud" - George Kofogiannakis (Generations: greek oud jazz)
"Leo" - John Coltrane (Live in Japan)
"Trippin' home from Sunday school" - Oliver Jones (Justin Time Records: a tenth anniversary collection)
"Rise and shine" - Robert Glasper (Canvas)
"Particle" - Sorcerer sessions (The blue series continuum: the sorcerer sessions, featuring the music of Matthew Shipp)
"Snake eyes" - Chopteeth (Afrofunk big band)
"Goin nowhere" - Curt Ramm/Dan Moretti/Bill Cunliffe (Foundations)
"Inner urge" (Arkadia Jazz presents: thank you, Joe! )
"War dance of the wooden indians" - Russ Case and His Orchestra (Mallets in wonderland: space age pop, vol 2)
"Tension" - Sortie (Justin Time Records: a tenth anniversary collection)
"This here" - Bobby Timmons (This is Bobby Timmons)
"Stress" - Ken Aldcroft Trio + 1 (From our time)
"A prayer for Lester Bowie" - Hugh Ragin Trumpet Ensemble (Fanfare & fiesta)
"That old black magic" - Richard Bliwas (Uncovered)
"Shogher jan (dear shoger)" - Tigran Hamasyan (Red hail)
"Trane station" - The Greg Hatza Organization (Snake eyes)
"Pleasing you" - Paul Bley (Justin Time Records: a tenth anniversary collection)
"Even you can tell" - Mark Templeton (Inland)
"Mr. Slick" - Joel Haynes Trio (The time is now)

This was a program with wide and varied tunes, including several from compilations and much that was new to me. My fave (surprise, surprise) has to be the lengthy (approx. 45 min) version of "Leo" from Coltrane's Live In Japan; I was glad to be able to fit this in - it took up almost all of the first hour (6-7 am) of the show (on the subject of Live In Japan, there are only six tracks on four CDs in this recording; two tunes go on for 1 hour each).

I was absent for the August 11 version of Breaking The Tethers and just found out that Philip Barker from Morning Joy ended up filling in for me. Many thanks, as always, to Philip.

I'll be back behind the boards for the August 18 program.


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