Monday, September 28, 2009

September 29, 2009

"The truth" - Jerry Granelli V16 (Vancouver '08)
"Scrapple from the apple' - Keith Jarrett/Gary Peacock/Jack DeJohnette (Yesterdays)
"Blindspot" - Brad Shepik (Human activity suite)
"Maiden voyage" - Chuck Marohnic/David Friesen/Joe LaBarbara (Now alone)
"Portrait of Giorgio Thelos" - Andy Milne-Benoit Delbecq (Where is pannonica?)
"Dry " - Fay Victor Ensemble (The freesong suite)
untitled track - Jazz Liberatorz (Clin d'oeil)
"Irish tacos" - Sinistrio (Ride the dragon)
"Yay!" - Erik Truffaz (Benares)
"Part 1: serpentine" - Tigran Hamasyan (Red hail)
"Qow' - Clusone Trio (I am an indian)
"I'm beginning to see the light" - Roger Kellaway (Live at the Jazz Standard)
"Let petomane" - Taylor Ho Bynum & SpiderMonkey Strings (Madeline dreams)
"Blue ice" - Random Touch (A way from the heard)
"Wait" - The October Trio + Brad Turner (Looks like it's going to snow)
"500 miles high" - Return to Forever (Returns)
"Outsider" - Enrico Rava (New York days)
"Four on six" - Wes Montgomery (The incredible jazz guitar of Wes Montgomery)
"Off the cuff" - Paul Renz (In my own hands)
"Monsieur guy thar" - Claudio Fasoli (Ten tributes)
"Break song" - The Fonda-Stevens Group" (Memphis)

Fave tunes this week: "Irish tacos" by Sinistrio (bet this got some people out of bed); "Yay!" by Erik Truffaz; "Four on six" by Wes Montgomery (a request!); and "Monsieur guy thar" by Claudio Fasioli.

Following up on last week's post, here's a few more things about this year's Funding Drive (i.e. the thing that keeps the radio station going) at CSJW:

*It will run from Oct. 23-30. The Funding Drive edition of Breaking The Tethers will be on Tuesday, October 26.

*While donations of all sizes will be very welcome, my goal for this year is to go over $1000 for Breaking The Tethers. The pledges have increased every year from a few hundred to several hundred (thanks!) and I'm thinking that we could get into 4 digits for the first time in 2010.

*There will be a variety of incentives available for those that pledge during Breaking The Tethers. There will be some regular CJSW incentives plus I'll have some other stuff, including both commercial and "specially-made" CDs. More on incentives next week.

*Listeners can pledge during Funding Week but you can also pledge early, online at Click on the "Make a Pledge Today!" link on the left-hand side.


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