Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9, 2010

"Turn the koala" - Red Blue Green (Transparent thesis)
"Black unity" - Pharoah Sanders (Black unity)
"How deep is the ocean?" - Bill Evans (Explorations)
"Hacia del aire" - The Terence Blanchard Group (Choices)
"Simone" - Jimmy Cobb's Mob (Cobb's groove)
"Bulgarian" - Roberto Fonseca (Akokan)
"Cat and mouse" - Great Uncles of the Revolution (Stand up!)
"Nubian call" - Malachi Thompson and Africa Brass (Lift every voice)
"Cat" - Ethnocity (Autumn dreams)
"Arokis" - PJ Perry (Nota bene)
"Blues for Nat Turner" - In The Tradition (The tradition continues!)
"Stopover at Djibouti" - Anouar Brahem (The astounding eyes of Rita)
"Almost Sacha's favorite key" - Fat Cat Big Band (Face)
"Hard on" - The Phibes (The Phibes)
"Seeds of consciousness" - Duology (Golden atoms)
"Kiama for Obama" - David Murray and the Gwo Ka Masters (The devil tried to kill me)
"Odean" - Khan Jamal Quintet (CIMPosium - volume 12)
"Caminos" - David Virelles (Motion)
"The magic of ju-ju" - Archie Shepp (The magic of ju-ju)
"Lingering" - Chicago Goes West (Chicago goes west)

I didn't plan things this way but today's episode featured a notable African element. African-type sounds were part of the tracks by Pharoah Sanders, In The Tradition, David Murray, and Archie Shepp as well as a few of the others.

A reminder that next week's show, February 16, will be the last Breaking The Tethers program in the Tuesday 6-9 am time slot. As of March 1, the show will be moving to 10 am-noon on Mondays. I will be away for the final Tuesday of the month, February 23. For my final show on a Tuesday AM, I am welcoming requests from listeners; not that I don't do that all the time anyway but the Feb. 20 edition will be a special event of sorts and I want to make sure that folks get to hear music that they've always wanted to be features on Breaking The Tethers (subject to availability, of course). Requests, ideas, suggestions, etc. can left on this blog or you can call during next week's program, 403-220-3991.

One more thing to note about next week: Most likely, the 4000th track played on Breaking The Tethers will be part of this show. I think this is an appropriate point to usher in some change.


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