Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010

"Our father/Lord's prayer in Old English"
"Now I wanna sniff some glue" - Ramones (Ramones)
"Freedom" - Ilhan Erashin (Ilhan Ersahin's Istanbul Sessions with Erik Truffaz)
"Knocker" - Stanton Moore (Groove alchemy)
"Lake Superior" - Jason Collett (Rat a tat tat)
"Rose hip November' - Vashti Bunyan (Just another diamond day)
"Out of the blue" - Bela Fleck, Zakir Hussain, & Edgar Meyer (The melody of rhythm)
"St. James infirmary" - Anat Cohen (Clarinetwork: live at the Village Vanguard)
"Epic" - The Jessica Stuart Few (Kid dream)
"Inner crisis" - Larry Willis (Inner crisis)
"Alive" - Larry Young (Lawrence of Newark)
"Blue sky" - Chet Doxas (Big sky)
"Igor said" - Pointed Sticks (Three lefts make a right)
"Victor Jara's hands" - Calexico (Carried to dust)
"Behiver II" - Serena-Maneesh (Serena-Maneesh)
"Libretto" - Thomson Kneeland (Mazurka for a modern man)
"Rattlesnake" - The Replacements (Sorry ma, forgot to take out the trash)
"Casper the friendly ghost" - Daniel Johnston
"Say chin" - Creesis Crisis (No more shapes)
"Spasmodic movements" - James Zollar (Zollar systems)

This week's show was truncated a bit because of a news update but I still managed to fit in lots of tunes and songs. I think the main feature this week was a swing between jazz and punkish rock, with a few items falling in-between. Fave tracks? Maybe "Inner crisis" by Larry Willis and "Rose hip November" by Vashti Bunyan, among others.


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