Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010

"Opening line" - Carol Morgan Trio (Opening)
"The search" - Quiet Nights Orchestra (Chapter one)
"Between B & C" - Keiran Hebden and Steve Reid (NYC)
"Don't look back" - Steve Reid Ensemble (Daxaar)
"If not now, when?"- Organissimo (Alive & kickin')
"Lundu" - Egberto Gismonti (Saudacoes)
"My mind" - Chubby Checker (Chubby Checker)
"Red sails" - Danny Michel (Loving the alien)
"Dang" - The Arboreal Quartet (The Arboreal Quartet)
"Oxygene part IV" - Christian Prommer (Drumlesson zwei)
"Monk's blues' - Dave Glasser (Evolution)
"So soon' - Little Ax & The Golden Echoes (Fire in my bones: raw rare + otherwise unworldly african-american gospel (1944-2007))
"Red pepper blues" - Art Pepper (Art Pepper meets the rhythm section)
"What to say' - Hutchinson Andrew Trio (Rocky mountain jazz)
"John boy" - Brad Mehldau (Highway rider)
"Monocrat" - Ismism (Ismism)
"Peepers" - Polar Bear (Peepers)
"Goodbye" - Chet Doxas (Big sky)
"Berimbau" - Yuko Ito (Mania de voce)
"An happy organ" - Gov't Majik (Party favors)
"Our man Barack" - Pharez Whitted (Transient journey)
"Nautilus rising" - Weasel Walter Septet (Invasion)

As promised, there was lots of jazz this week; about 3/4 of the tracks could be called "jazz" in some way. Also of note, in memoriam for the late drummer Steve Reid, who died on April 13, 2010, I played a couple of his tunes of recent vintage from two different projects. The crazy tune of the day was "My mind" by Chubby Checker, from his so-called psychedelic album from 1971 (from what I've heard of the album, it's more acid-rock, with plenty of fuzzed-out guitars).


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