Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2010

"Tug of war" - Faces (Nigeria 70: Lagos jump)
"Indigone" - FivePlay Jazz Quintet (FivePlay Jazz Quintet)
"Browning a 3" - Fretwork (Elway Bevan composition) (Music for viols)
"Hexentanz" - Joachim Kuhn & Michael Wollny (Piano works IX: live at Schloss Elmau)
"Veronica" - Bert Jansch (Bert Jansch)
"Autumn giraffe tranquilizer" - Brendan McGuigan
"First light" - Homebound Runaways

"The 3:10 to Turnberry" - Homebound Runaways
"King queen " - The Nels Cline Singers (Initiate)
"You can be anyone this time around " - Timothy Leary (You can be anyone this time around)
"Motel room in my bed " - X (Under the big black sky)
"Meeting " - Andrew Downing (Silents)
"Facet two " - Amir ElSaffar/Hafez Modirzadeh (Radif suite)
"N'awlins greens" - U.O. Project (It's time for U)
"Scream" - Sudden Cosmic Dissolution (Sudden Cosmic Dissolution)
"Alice's wonderland" - Bert Jansch (Bert Jansch)
"Dash 7" - Wilco (AM)
"Give us room to roar" - Ruth McKenzie (Omnium unofficial sampler #2)
"Snakefinger food" - Chris Mama Bauer (A universe of horrors)
"Mulatu's mood" - Mulatu Astatke (Mulatu steps ahead)

Apart from the music, the main element of today's show was an interview with busy local (more or less) musician Brendan McGuigan. Brendan, who was the first person to be interviewed on Breaking The Tethers in its new day and time, is a busy guy, both with his own projects and as a sideman. We talked about these as well as some of the upcoming concerts he is going to be involved with in Calgary. We also played three tracks that he has put out, one under his own name and two with the Homebound Runaways. It was a pleasure to have Brendan on the program today.

The show today was probably the least "jazzy" edition of Breaking The Tethers since the recent changes kicked in but I still managed to play some jazz along with a number of old favorites, jazz or otherwise (e.g. "Dash 7" by Wilco, "Give us room to roar" by Ruth McKenzie, two Bert Jansch pieces, and the totally nuts "You can be anyone this time around" by Timothy Leary). Next week's program (April 26) will probably feature more jazz.



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Tony Corman said...

Tony Corman from FivePlay here! Thanks for giving Indigone a play - we appreciate it!