Monday, July 5, 2010

July 12, 2010

"A music of tranquility" - Lee Konitz/Chris Cheek/Stephane Furic Leibovici (Jugenstil II)
"Put it there pal" - Richard Thompson (You? me? us?)
"Five dolls for an august moon" - Calibro 35 (Ritornano quelli di…)
"Political song for Michael Jackson to sing" - Minutemen (Double nickels on the dime)
"Conversations with a lunatic' - Hilario Duran Trio (Motion)
"Nothing is" - Sun Ra (College tour volume one: the complete nothing is…)
"Linebacker" - University of Saskatchewan Jazz Ensemble (Bumper crop V/Water colors)
"I sivenoe" - Melotone Sisters With Amagola Band (Next stop… Soweto: township sounds from the golden age of mbaqanga)
"Spin 2" - Sunna Gunnlaugs (The dream)
"Somethin's gotta change" - Garrison Starr (Songs from take-off to landing)
"Isolation" - The Bob Szajner Triad II (Live at the Detroit Montreux jazz festival 1981)
"Oliver Lake" - Michael Gregory Jackson (Clarity)
"The following" - STS9 (Axe the cables)
"Prelude in D" - Chris Gestrin (After the city is gone: quiet)
"I'm not the one" - The Black Keys (Brothers)
"Polonaise libanaise" - Matt Herskowitz (Jerusalem trilogy)
"Losel drolma" - Fred Anderson/Hamid Drake (Back together again)
"No moon at all" - Keith Jarrett/Charlie Haden (Jasmine)
"Funky hi-life" - C.K. Mann (Funky hi-life)
"Pslam of the rubble" - Georgia Ann Muldrow As Jyoti (Ocotea)
"I got a little" - Rising Sons (Rising Sons)
"Land's end" - Champian Fulton (The breeze and I)
"Edmonton, AB" - Forestry (Forestry)
"Longing" - John Kameel Farah (Unfolding)

Whereas the July 5 show leaned in the direction of rock, much of the content in this week's show came from the jazz world. A fair number of new jazz CDs crossed my path so I figured I should give them an airing, along with the usual mix of other musical genres. Among the latter, I was pleased to be able to (finally) play something credited to Richard Thompson alone. I'm a big RT fan and, though I once played a track from the Industry album put out by RT and Danny Thompson, I've never played something from his solo works. Today, I stopped holding back and gave "Put it there pal" (one of the best-ever put-down songs) from Me? you? us? a spin.

In addition, this week, I didn't receive any calls complaining that I wasn't playing "rock" (though I certainly would have failed on that account). The most notable non-musical noise this week came from the hailstorm that hit the part of Calgary where CJSW is located. It featured the usual hailstorm elements; large-marble-sized chunks falling from the sky, big black clouds, thunder, lightning, etc. Sky go boom.


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