Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010

"Boss city" - Kashmere Stage Band (Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974)
"Palomar" - Rheostatics (Double live)
"Akiwowo" - Olatunji (Drums of passion)
"Stethoscope" - Dan Berglund's Tonbruket (Dan Berglund's Tonbruket)
"The eye of the mind" - Tineke Postma (The traveller)
"Frankenstein" - New York Dolls (New York Dolls)
"Fantasie sobre un Benedictus" - Ralph Maier (The art of vihuela)
"Circling" - Four Tet (There is love in you)
"Epitah I: Doo-wee-inn (for Dewey Redman)" - Chad Eby (Broken shadows)
"The sixth sense" - Lee Morgan (The sixth sense)
"Sasquatch hunter" - Tim Hus (Hockeytown)
"Herbert Harper's free press news" - Muddy Waters (Electric mud)
"A dozen discos" - Type Monkey Type (Jungle noise)
"Griot" - Lionel Loueke (Mwaliko)
"Sunset strip: I. 7 pm" - North Carolina Symphony (American spectrum)
"St. Louis" - Widespread Panic (Dirty side down)
"Make sure I'm out screwing up" - Wesley Willis (Greatest hits, vol. 2)
"Beneath the veil" - Last Call Chernobyl (Drowning beneath the sound of change)
"Pyronecrophilia" - The Hellbound Hepcats (The Hellbound Hepcats)
"One" - Nucleus with Leon Thomas (Montreux, June 20, 1970)
first track - Polymaths (Home again)
"No. 19" - Mary Halvorson Trio (The Vortex, London, December 24, 2009)
"Harsh tutelage of the waltzing kodiak" - Mares of Thrace (The moulting)
"White noise" - The City Streets (The jazz age)
"Weathered floor" - SSRIs (Effeminate godzilla-sized windchimes)

The focus, more or less, of this week's program ended up being new Canrock. I played a bunch of short tunes that fall into this category, many of them local (Calgary). I didn't plan things that way but I'm very much OK with it. Next week will likely feature a mess of new jazz; several new releases (including a double Sun Ra set, a couple of things from ESP, a new Hilario Duran CD, and a CD of duets between Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden) have crossed my path and I'm keen to give these an airing.

Though I forgot to mention it on air, today's show was also a milestone of sorts. Breaking The Tethers has just passed its fourth anniversary on CJSW. It first went on air on July 4, 2006. Since then, 4438 tracks have been played in three different time slots. I've enjoyed all of it and I hope to keep Breaking The Tethers going for a while longer.

Speaking of time changes, the program today was the first in the new slot. Same day (Monday) but a different time (noon-2 pm). I think things went well; I managed to give the correct time everytime I announced it (I think).

I should note that one listener didn't think that things went well. Just after I put on the piece by the North Carolina Symphony, I got a call from someone who sounded like a grumpy older dude who wanted "rock" and asked me what time it was; I guess I was playing the wrong sort of music for that time of day. Unfortunately, all he did was rant and hang up; I didn't have a chance to tell him that something different would be coming on after the symphony piece nor was I able to ask him about the law that "rock" has to be played in early weekday afternoons. I wasn't aware of this regulation and, as I don't want to be breaking the law, I would have appreciated him pointing me to the appropriate legislation. Oh well, he missed his opportunity. Maybe I'll play more symphony music in the future to calm him down :-)



Anonymous said...

is there a way i could get the polymaths song or is it under wraps until the album comes out? it was damn good!

great show keep up the good work!

deku tree

Andrew Waller said...

In response to your question, the Polymaths CD, which is called Home again, seems to be commercially available. See

Thanks for your kind words about the show.