Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

"Blue web in space" - Matthew Shipp (4D)
"Lucy potato" - Teenage Head (Ontario 1978-1980)
"Sumo" - Chuck Owen & The Jazz Surge (The comet's tail: Performing the compositions of Michael Brecker)
"Offertoire" - Andre Leroux (Corpus callosum)
"3 ninjas-High noon at mega mountain" - Fortunately Everything Dies (Horror)
"Glistening Glyndebourne" - John Martyn (Bless The Weather)
"Let down" - Easy All-Stars featuring Toots & The Maytals (Radiodread)
"The moon is down" - Gentle Giant (Aquiring the taste)
"Apri l'occhi pt. 1" - M. Mucci (Time lost)
"True blue" - Joe Sealy & Paul Novotny (Songs)
"Ike (take a hike)" - Harvie S (Cocolamus bridge)
"Disappearing woman" - Great Speckled Bird (Great Speckled Bird)
"Vernon the company man" - Les Claypool (Of whales and woe)
"Insomnie" - Lucien Dubois Trio & Marc Ribot (Ultime cosmos)
"We are future housing developments for maggots" - The Last Felony (Too many humans)
"The lost blues" - Rodney Jones (A thousand small things)
"Song 15" - Breakestra (The live mix part 2)
"Runnin' back to Saskatoon" - D. Rangers (Guess who's home)
"Clouds" - Steve Coleman and Five Elements (Harvesting semblances and affinities)
"Meltdown" - Lisa Hilton (Nuance)
"Very (extract)" - Keith Rowe (Harsh)
"Suicide is painless" - The Bob Florence Limited Edition (Legendary)

This was a fun show, I think. Lots of musical variation plus I threw in some old favourites of mine, including "The moon is down" by Gentle Giant, "Disappearing woman" by Great Speckled Bird, and "Vernon the company man" by Les Claypool. Best title: The totally charming
"We are future housing developments for maggots" (guess what - it's metal, surprise, surprise).


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