Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16, 2010

"Runaway lane" - Minotaurs (The thing)
"A bitter end for a tender giant" - Empirical (Out 'n' in)
"Highland drifters" - The Homebound Runaways (First light)
"Fast forward" - The Homebound Runaways (First light)
"Electricone" - Lloyd Miller & the Heliocentrics (Lloyd Miller & the Heliocentrics)
"I sowed some seeds" - Martin Carthy (The collection)
"Howl at the moon" - Azrael (Pocket watch)
"Fight club the rabbit" - Steve Raegele (Last century)
"Back to comm" - MC5 (Power trip)
"Self portrait" - Jon Langford & Skull Orchard (Old devils)
"This is new" - The David Liebman Trio featuring Jesse Ruller (Lieb plays Weill)
"I don't wanna be kissed (by anyone but you)" - Manhattan School of Music Jazz Orchestra
(Miles ahead live)
"From here to earth" - Gamelan Madu Sari (Hive)
"You don't know what love is" - Efa Etoroma Jr. Trio (Before & after)
"Mirrors" - Chirongoblin (Chirongoblin)
"bethelightbethelightbethelight" - Rae Spoon (Dunya)
"And lost" - H2: Mike Herriott/Sean Harkness (Flights: volume one)
"Let them run" - Bibi Tanga & The Selenites (Dunya)
"Punchin' trout" - Chris Graham Trio (After-birth of the cool)
"Bad to the bone" - Keiji Haino & Coil (Manda-la 2, Tokyo, Keichijoji, Japan, September 28, 2003)
"Catch scratch fever" - The Moog Cookbook (Ye olde space bande plays the classic rock hits)

Another fun and varied show, with a definite, fairly straight-ahead jazz slant. Fave title of the show: Fight club the rabbit by Steve Raegele (as an owner of a rabbit, I just had to play that one).

Thanks also to my interview guests this week, Brendan and Ben from The Homebound Runaways and Sean Patrick Donald, who the guys from The Homebound Runaways will be backing tonight at the Ironwood in Calgary. I think Brendan is now tied for being the most frequent on-air visitor to Breaking The Tethers (he's been on twice).


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