Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010

"Spacewhale" - The Franco Proietti Morph-Tet (Live! A weekend at Centre St. Ambroise)
"Guess who's back?" - Jason Marsalis (Music update)
"The astrologer" - Gryphon (Gryphon)
"Rite of the ancients" - The Budos Band (III)
"It's to you" - Louis Hayes (The time keeper)
"Folk police" - Peatbog faeries (Live)
"Triologue" - The Mark Taylor Quintet (Quietland)
"Like swimming" - Foals (Antidotes)
"Tootie Ma was a big fine thing" - Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Tom Waits (Preservation)
"Rough rider" - The Hygrades (The world ends: afro rock & psychedelia in 1970s Nigeria)
"Guiyome" - Konomo No. 1 (Assume crash position)
"Intro" - Biffy Clyro (Puzzle)
"Rocket number nine" - Sun Ra and His Omniverse Jet-Set Arkestra (Detroit Jazz Center 1980)
"Flip the lid" - Matthew Kaminiski (Taking my time)
"Dinner and a movie" - Phish (Live in Brooklyn)
"More & more & more" - The Mountains & The Trees (I made this for you)
"Whatever" - Mindkontrolultra (Kill the mall 2005-2007)
"North-east to Nippon" - Breakestra (Dusk till dawn)
"Auld lang syne" - The Bob Florence Limited Edition (Legendary)
"The shadow" - Tribune (Rotting core)
"Tarsand ballad" - John Hornak (A needle, a feather and a rope)
"Vedergällningen" - Garmarna (Vedergällningen)
"Take a walk" - Chuck Owen & The Jazz Surge (The comet's tail: Performing the compositions of Michael Brecker)
"Boe money" - Galactic (Ya-ka-may)

I've called the post-day-change Breaking The Tethers a dog's breakfast and this week's program is a great example of that. Featured styles/genres included early 70s afro-rock, New Orleans-influenced tunes, folk/folk rock of a few varieties, straight-ahead jazz, not so-straight-ahead jazz, a song in Swedish, several short pieces, and a whole lot of danceable stuff. Next week, more of the same? Perhaps...

An apology of sorts: In the first hour, there were a number of calls to the CJSW booth. I was unable to answer all but one. The calls came when I was switching tracks or talking on air or otherwise occupied. If you call when Breaking The Tethers is on, I will do my best to answer but I may not be able to do so at that moment. Please call again a few minutes later, in the middle of a track, and I should be free.


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