Friday, December 10, 2010

December 13, 2010

"The ghost who walks" - Karen Elson (The ghost who walks)
"Introduction" - The Qiwi Selftet (Melancholic jazz sunset)
"Backyard puma" - Timo Lassy(Jazz from Finland 2011)
"Kinky neck" - Natural/PolPOT (Natural/PolPOT)
"Chi passa per stra strada" - Philip Pickett (The bones of all men)
"Suburbia" - Trombone Shorty (Backatown)
"Urban march (shadow)" - Anthony De Mare (Speak! The speaking-singing pianist)
"I will dare" - The Replacements (Let it be)
"Sidewinder" - Steven McGill Project (Kujichagulia: self determination)
"1" - Esther Lamneck/Roberto Fabbriciani (Winds of the heart)
"Zodiac shit" - Flying Lotus (Cosmogramma)
"Roast beef and fried potatoes" - Fumio Yasuda and Theo Bleckmann (Schumann's favored bar songs)
"El wool suite" - Incredible String Band (U)
"Dogma of dogmas" - Stanley Schumacher And The Music Now Ensemble (Jive at 5:05)
"Awkward" - Anna Webber (Third floor people don't need to worry about anything)
"Huron carol" - Bent Spoon Trio (Holly jolly)
"Morning born" - Wolf People (Steeple)
"Cromlech" - Wolf People (Steeple)
"Dumb things" - The Cat Empire (Live on earth)
"Rastaman chant" - The Derek Trucks Band (Roadsongs)
"Snakes at the Euxine" - Rembetika Hipsters (Kafeneion)
"I am the walrus" - Pert Near Sandstone (Minnesota Beatle project, vol. 2)
"The betrayer" - Kaki King (Junior)
"Smile at me" - Chris Derksen (The cusp)
"Equivalences" - Stereolab (Not music)
"Apparitions of revelry" - Random Touch (Reverberating apparatus)
"Wabi-sabi" - Leslie Pintchik (We're here to listen)
"Bass-Einstein" - Rowan Converse (Break failure)
"Sample pack song (I just don’t like techno)" - Mindkontrolultra (Blood bubbles)
"Tidelands" - Moondoggies (Tidelands)
"Still swimming" - Pan American (For waiting, for chasing)
"Somebody stole my money" - Gospel Claws (C-L-A-W-S)
"Heavy winged 01" - Heavy Winged (Sunspotted)

This was probably the least "jazz" show in quite some time. No more of a quarter of the tracks played this week would fall into this category. I'm OK with this but, for any folks who would like to hear more jazz on Breaking The Tethers, fear not, there will be programs with higher jazz quotients in the future (though it will always wax and wane, as will other styles of music).

Fave plays this week: The cover version of "I am the walrus" by Pert Near Sandstone and "Tidelands" by Moondoggies.

Just 25 tracks to go and we'll be at the 5000 level. I suspect that this will happen in the 3rd hour of the show next week, December 20. I'll try to remember it when it happens :-)


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