Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 27, 2010

"Iron fist" - Motorhead (Everything louder than everything else)
"Must be Santa" - Bob Dylan (Christmas in the heart)
"Norfolk rhapsody no. 1" - Ralph Vaughan Williams
"Reflexology" - Pepa Paivinen (Jazz from Finland 2011)
"I could almost disperse" - Celer (Dying star)
"Within you without you" - Easy All-Stars featuring Matisyahu (Easy Star's lonely hearts dub band)
"Christmas on acid" - Radio Free Vestibule (Sketches, songs, and shoes)
"Bulan/Khek borates" - Available Jelly (Bilbao song)
"Take me to Brazil" - Jazz Ministers (Next stop… Soweto, vol. 3: giants, ministers and makers: jazz in South Africa 1963-1978)
"Constriction" - Hopethorns (EP)
"The river wild" - No Blues (Lumen)
"A sailor's life" - Fairport Convention (Unhalfbricking)
"Mountain noel" - Brian Whitman (A singular christmas)
"Thorny devil" - Spinifex Orchestra (Spinifex Orchestra)
"Astral echo poem" - Quinsin Nachoff (Fomo)
"Slow learner" - Spirit Of The West (Faithlift)
"Greensleeves" - James Taylor (Oakland, CA, 1972)
"Blooming away" - LUSRICA (Melancholic jazz sunset)
"Retired at 21" - Black Flag (Detroit, MI, June 27, 1986)
"Merry fucking christmas" - Alias Frequencies
"Perfect match for trouble" - Waterflow (Perfect match for trouble)
"Hammer dat!" - Heavy Tin (Refused)
"Ascent" - John Coltrane (Sun ship)
"Christmas in Ignace" - The Arrogant Worms (Christmas turkey)
"Aerial tour instrumental" - The Beatles
"Erix" - Bik Bent Braam (Extremen)
"Galactic jellyfish" - Diatesssaron (Monument)

Here's the just-slightly-post December 25 Christmas show. Apologies for being late in posting this.

This was a fun program to present. It featured a wild mess of tunes and songs, some (non-traditional) Christmas material, and some faves of mine, particularly "A sailor's life" by Fairport, with its mind-blowing instrumental section in the last half.


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