Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 6, 2010

"Whole dat tone" - Heavy Tin (Refused)
"Buddha's joy" - William Parker Organ Quartet (Uncle Joe's spirit house)
"Beyond Damascus" - The Hang-Ten Hangmen (Songs from the scaffold)
"Small craft on a milk sea" - Brian Eno with Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams (Small craft on a milk sea)
"What's my name" - The Clash (From here to eternity)
"Under the sodium lights" - Slow Dancing Society (Under the sodium lights)
"Interligne 1" - Jacky Chalard (Je suis vivant, mais j'ai peur de Gilbert Deflez)
"Suddle lip can" - Subtle Lip Can (Subtle Lip Can)
"Jackal chatter" - Wide Hive Players (Players II guitar)
"Police navidad" - One Ton Shotgun (Hardcore holiday)
"So what" - Always often (Spazz)
"So what" - Grateful Dead (Download series, volume 5, Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA, Mrch 27, 1998)
"Itchy" - Pamela Hines Trio (Moon germs)
"Barrel fire" - Gordon Grdina Trio With Mats Gustafsson (Barrel fire)
"Way home" - Ed Henderson (Intimate)
"Despair" - Undivided (The passion)
"Kargyraa ching soortukchulerining yryzy" - Huun-Hurr-Tu (60 horses in my herd)
"Missing persons" - Burning Ghats (Fools gold)
"Fall away" - Astral (Forever after)
"The moon and the sun" - Luis Bonilla (Twilight)
"Bad ballet"- Cosmic View (Music for the mysteries of space and time)
"6th street" - Mike Stern (Big neighborhood)
"Tokyo I" - Fred Frith (Live in Tokyo)
"Fear of zombies" - The Benders (Three sheets to the wind)
"Jail braille" - Freedom Sound (Now with more music': live sessions from CJSW 90.9 FM)
"Baby's first steps to depression" - The Church Of Jeffrey Adams (14 hymns to inspire and uplift)
"Last time" - Black Dub (Black Dub)
"Ararat dub" - Bei Ru (Little Armenia)
"The oracle" - Construction & Deconstruction (Mutatis mutandis)
"Melodrames telegraphies (in b major 7th) part 2" - Brian McBride (The effective disconnect: music composed for the documentary 'Vanishing of the bees')
"Premier souffle" - Pas Chic Chic (12" ep)

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this show is that I managed to squeeze in 31 songs in three hours. I haven't managed to play that many songs in several months, maybe longer.

Also, there's only 51 tracks to play before hitting the 5000 mark. I thought that this might occur on the December 27 show but it now looks like 5000 will be reached on the December 20 program.


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