Monday, January 31, 2011

February 7, 2011

"Obama victory dance" - Robert Hurst (Bob ya head)
"Love bowl" - The Nightcrawlers (Down in the bottom)
"The high reel" - Horselips (Celtic connections)
"Friction" - Nils Petter Molvaer (Hamada)
"Dichotomy" - Michelle Gregoire (Diversity)
"I did crimes for you" - Deerhoof (Deerhoof vs. evil)
"Vezubuhle" - Vusi Mahlasela (Say africa)
"Tomorrow" - Morrissey (Your aresenal)
"Wandering one" - Roxy Coss (Roxy Coss)
"Frankenstein monster song" - One Ring Zero (As smart as we are)
"The dean" - Karl Schwonik Jazz Ensemble With Remi Bolduc (1 + 4)
"Southern decline" - Apex Manor (The year of magical drinking)
"Caravan (remix by Graham Reynolds)" - Graham Reynolds and the Golden Arm Trio (Duke! three portraits of Ellington)
"Fire" - Kasabian (West ryder pauper lunatic asylum)
"Waynes tune" - Bardo Pond (Bardo Pond)
"Lakeerai" - Kiran Ahluwalia (Common ground)
"He be struttin'" - Chris Davis (Baile bonita)
"Midnight brown" - The Two Koreas (Science island)
"Rounds, for string quartet" - The St. Lawrence String Quartet (Sea to sea: the St. Lawrence String Quartet celebrates 20 years)
"Main theme" - Music From The Film (How the west was once)
"Raccat"- Bob Erlendson (The Erlendson effect)
"Snakazon rising" - Castle Excellent (Silver salad of the moon)
"Compared to what" - Marty Williams (Long time comin')
"Plastic man, you're the devil" - Pink Mountaintops (Axis of evol)
"March of the masses" - Tommy Guerrero (Lifeboats and follies)
"Twilight" - Melody Gardot (Worrisome heart)
"Dr. Dre's bar mitzvah" - Out To Lunch (Melvin's rockpile)
"Echoes of urban life" - James Foerster (Cache 2009)
"Triumph of the outcasts, coming" - Steve Colson and the Unity Troupe (Triumph!)
"Field of stars" - Yankee Yankee (Resting star)

There was definitely an experimental element to this show. More than once person at CJSW commented that I was freaking them out (mission accomplished!) This wasn't really planned, it just kinda came out that way. I suspect that next week's program will be a less "out there"... or not! :-)

Top tune/song title of the day: "I did crimes for you" by Deerhoof with an honorable mention for "Plastic man, you're the devil" by Pink Mountaintops.

Top album title: The year of magical drinking by Apex Manor.


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