Thursday, January 27, 2011

February 4, 2011

"I know you got soul" - Bobby Byrd (Mojo presents James Brown's funky summer)
"Taqsim maqam sharqi rast" - Rahim Alhaj (When the soul is settled: music of Iraq)
"Juggernaut" - The Lindbergh Line (Bang bang you'll be missed)
"You are not alone" - Mavis Staples (You are not alone)
"Join the march" - Family Studies (Life cycles vol 2: density master)
"Dirge blues" - Mary Lou Williams (Black Christ of the Andes)
"In another country" - Couples (Couples)
"Yazoo street scandal" - The Road Hammers (Garth Hudson presents a canadian celebration of the Band)
"She's so pretty" - Shed (Plugged in, electrified and totally wired)
"El cortito" - Celano Baggiani Group (Alienology)
"Love me do" - The Persuasions (Sing the Beatles)
"Experience the jewel" - Wintersleep (New inheritors)
"River serpentine" - The Budos Band (III)
"Farewell Johnny Miner" - Fairport Convention (The red & gold demos)
"Street fighting" - Igor Boxx (Breslau)
"North Dakota ghost town" - Ben Plotnick (Dancing at the end of the world)
"Muddy bones" - New York Dolls (Cause I sez so)
"?" - Through Tragedy (Through Tragedy)
"Everyman everywoman" - Yoko Ono with Blow Up (Yes I'm a witch)
"The lady and the rose" - Los Lobos (Tin can trust)
"Plastic farm animals" - Aeroplane Trio (Naranja ha)
"Bensema" - Afrocubism (Afrocubism)
"It was never gonna turn out too good" - Gang Of Four (Content)
"Reoccuring dreams" - Xakaroh (Demo 2010)
"Dus ook" - Earswideopen (Earswideopen)

This is the playlist for the February 4 edition of Alternative To What? The regular (and longtime) host of the show, Kerry Clarke, was away and I provided a facsimilie of her. Kerry always does a great job and I hope that I was able to come up even somewhat close to what she does.

Next show for me: Back to Breaking The Tethers, Monday, February 7. Join me then!


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