Monday, January 24, 2011

January 31, 2011

"She bathed herself in a bath of bleach" - Manic Street Preachers (Journal for plague lovers)
"Lost in the vapors" - Plunge (Tin fish tango)
"Aerial suite: alpha crusis" - Fraser Hollins (Aerial)
"American the beautiful" - The Richard Davis Trio (Song for wounded knee)
"Delicate balance" - Bob Szajner (On the beach in the zone)
"Nine stone rig" - Linda Thompson (Fashionably late)
"One way ticket to Cubesville" - Pigbag (Volume two)
"Blue blood blues" - Dead Weather (Sea of cowards)
"Left over lullaby no. 2" - Tord Gustavsen Ensemble (Restored, returned)
"If you have ghosts" - Roky Erickson & The Aliens (I have always been here before: the Roky Erickson anthology)
"Brian the snail" - Pigbag (Volume one)
"Black Africa part 3" - Sam Rivers (Black Africa)
"Clouds" - Jayhawks (Music from the north country: the Jayhawks anthology)
"Heart and soul" - Joy Division (Closer)
"Kronos devours his children" - The New Jacobin Club (Somnabulist sound system)
"Frontiers in science" - Jane Ira Bloom (Wingwalker)
"Picturesque" - Matt Savage (Welcome home)
"This wheel's on fire" - Neil Young & The Sadies (Garth Hudson presents a canadian celebration of the Band)
"8" - Esther Lamneck/Roberto Fabbriciani (Winds of the heart)
"Frightens" - Alicia Hansen (Fractography)
"Inexorable" - Patrick Butler (Transcender)
"Texas t" - Bigger Fish Than Guns (The spoken sea)
"Seat" - Engine (Start)
"Open out" - Chris Parrello (Things I wonder)
"Suntan solution" - Family Studies (Life cycles vol 1: sexy creeper)
"Fear of a red planet" - Igor Boxx (Breslau)
"Half moon" - Iron & Wine (Kiss each other clean)
"Feel so good" - Jefferson Airplane (Jefferson Airplane loves you)
"Q16" - Trio BraamDeJoodeVatcher (Quartet)

A pretty groovy show, I think. My top plays from today's set:

*"If you have ghosts" by Roky Erickson, one of music's top acid casualties. I love the line "If you have ghosts then you have everything". A truism perhaps?

*The extended version of "Feel so good" from Jefferson Airplane. A great guitar workout on top of wonderful playing by the bass, drums, and rhythm guitar.

*"Open out" by Chris Parrello. Probably my fave track from this week and maybe the best new album this week.

*The New Jacobin Club's "Kronos devours his children". Best title for the week.

Everything else was good too!

I will be subbing for Kerry Clarke on her show, Alternative To What?, this Thursday, Feb. 3, 4-6 pm. Kerry is one of the most experienced programmers on CJSW and always does a great show. I will do my best to fill her big shoes.

Next edition of Breaking The Tethers will be on Monday, Feb. 7, 7 am. Join me then!


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