Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

"Bass folk song no. 5 & 6" - The Stanley Clarke Trio (Jazz in the garden)
"Sega no sega" - Dean Pallen (Strathcona Park)
"Still life in stop motion" - Fall City Fall (1629)
"Blue" - R.E.M. (Collapse into now)
"Breathing water" - Bones & Tones (Bones & Tones)
"Superstring" - Jazz Pistols (Superstring)
"I won't kill you this Christmas" - Teddy Thompson and Jude Rogers
"State terrorism" - The Souljazz Orchestra (Manifesto)
"Floating anchor" - Hay, Dutz, Honda (Polarity taskmasters)
"Orpheus" - Jerry Garcia (Reflections)
"Ate mo naku aruki mawatta" - Jonny Greenwood (Norwegian Wood)
"Pardonnez moi" - Bob Erlandson (All about jazz: volume two… the octet)
"Grab yo stuff (buried and bald)" - NWH (Fear of a black hat)
"One bell ringing" - Elvis Costello (National ransom)
"L'envol" - Caravan Palace (Caravan Palace)
"A handful of earth" - Fantastic Merlins (A handful of earth)
"Winnipeg winds" - Jason Collett (Rat a tat tat)
"5 and 20 schoolgirls" - Gong (Magick brother)
"Rock you like a hurricane" - MelloDeath
"Velorio (mourning)" - Hermeto Pascal (Hermeto)
"Dollar signs" - Andrea Revel (House of sticks)
"Space walk" - Sun Ra Arkestra (Live at the Paradox)
"The Earl of Essex galliard" - John Dowland (Music for viols)
"Astro" - Walt Dickerson and Sun Ra (Visions)
"Dune buggy" - Mutantes (Mutantes e seus cometas no pais do baurets)
"IRQ + 49" - Bitter Frictions (The first book of electricity)
"In memory of 3000 ft. Mark Deez" - Intellectual Prestige (The awakening)
"Come on rip let's take a trip" - Lantern (Deliver me from nowhere)
"Correct truth" - Tyshawn Sorey (Koan)
"Forget" - The Dyeing Merchants (The Dyeing Merchants)

A show with a little bit of everything (including two hip-hop numbers), perhaps the most notable thing this week was that there were several tracks by local (Calgary) performers. I usually play one or two per program but I managed to fit in more than that this time. I should try to do this more often; it's always good to feature local stuff.


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