Monday, April 11, 2011

April 18, 2011

"Lucifer Sam" - Pink Floyd (The piper at the gates of dawn)
"Skeltazor" - New Tricks (Alternate side)
"Dr. Watson, I presume" - Elvis Costello (National ransom)
"E.S.P." - Florian Weber/Jeff Denson/Ziv Ravitz (Minsarah)
"On Mount Zion I" - Wingless Angels (Wingless Angels)
"I would be the one" - Kensington Market (Avenue road)
"Fort Graveyard" - Henry Kaiser/Charles K. Noyes/Weasal Walter (Ninja starr danger rock)
"New one" - Jazz Pistols (Superstring)
"Glass houses #2" - Christina Petrowski Quilico (Glass houses revisited)
"Continuity" - Aaaron Leaney + Chris Dadge (Continuity)
Track 1 - Burmese (Lun vurn)
"Second sunday in august" - Weather Report (I sing the body electric)
"Rhumba mama" - Weather Report (Midnight Special TV program)
"Le moine complaisant" - Le Vent Du Nord (Maudite moisson!)
"Obsessive" - Andrew McCormack/Jason Yarde (My duo)
"Collective action" - Planeta Imaginario (Optical delusions)
"Oxygene (part II)" - Jean-Michel Jarre (Oxygene)
"Tennessee driver" - Hank III (Hillbilly joker)
"Configuration" - Bones & Tones (Bones & Tones)
"Bad brutal" - Onlock (Onlock)
"Open" - Lee Pui Ming (She comes to shore)
"Multiverse" - Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp (Cosmic leider)
"Just one night" - Blue Rodeo (The things we left behind)
"Vampire ambush" - Evil Survives (Metal vengance)
"Hugs (historically underrepresented groups)" - The Terence Blanchard Group (Choices)
"There was a time" - James Brown (50th anniversary collection)
"Epiphany 1" - Jib Kidder (Music for hypnotized minds)
"To know and not to know" - Noah Creshevsky (To know and not to know)
"Helplessness blues" - Fleet Foxes (Helplessness blues)
"Sa galaas et le puissant artus" - Ensemble Organum (Codex chantilly)

This show featured pretty varied tracklist, including at least two tracks that could be called "metal". Favourite stuff from this week:

Fave track overall: "Multiverse" by Jones and Shepp. Great, freaky stuff, featuring just alto sax and piano. I introduced it by saying that it would "curdle your porridge" (Breaking The Tethers is a breakfast time program, after all).

Fave CD title: Ninja starr danger rock by Kaiser, Noyes, and Walter. Wish I'd thought of this one myself.

Fave song title: "Vampire ambush" by Evil Survives. How could I resist playing a song with this title?

I will be mostly away for the next few weeks. I will still be hosting Breaking The Tethers on April 25 and May 2 but I will not be able to be behind the mic for May 9. I'll have news on who will be filling in for me soon.


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