Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 25, 2011

"Intro" - Brahja Waldman's Quartet (Brahja Waldman's Quartet)
"Carmina burana fantasy" - Sandy Bull (Fantasias for guitar and banjo)
"Games" - Vijay Iyer (Solo)
"Sarabande" - John Renbourn (Palermo snow)
"Fear of rooming" - Seamus Blake Quintet (Live at Smalls)
"Murder" - John Lee Hooker with Miles Davis (Perfect way: the Miles Davis anthology: the Warner Bros years)
"All apologies" - David Payne (Nirvana unplugged)
"The 4:08" - Klang (Other doors)
"United nubians - saidi style" - Mahmoud Fadl (Egypt noir: Egyptian soul treasures)
"Djadbangari dance song, 'eastwind'" - Elcho Island aborigines, Central North Australia (Australia: song of the aborigines and music of Papua, New Guinea)
"Magpie" - Tania Gill (Bolger station)
"Changing rooms" - Rafael Zaldivar (Life directions)
"La morsure de'araignee" - Marco Cappelli Acoustic Trio (Les nuages en France)
"Sonic reducer" - Pearl Jam (Vs./Vitalogy radio sampler)
"Ne te fache pas" - Le Tout-Puissant Orchestre Poly Rhythmo (Cotonou club)
"Flux capacitor" - Steven Lugerner Septet (Narratives)
"Song to attract game" - Baka Pygmies (Cameroon: Baka pygmy music)
"Springtime dancing" - Manu Katche (Third round)
"The creator has a master plan (peace)" - Louis Armstrong (Louis Armstrong and his friends)
"Nothin'" - Ugly Ducklings (Made in Canada: more great stuff, volume 4 (1961-1974))
"Qui voit le ciel dans l'eau, voit les poisson sur les arbes" - Duplent/Lenglot/Wadham (Proverbes)
"Stairway to heaven" - The Pizzarelli Boys (Desert island dreamers)
"Take it out and swing it" - The Modern Grass Quartet (The Modern Grass Quartet)
"Underground" - Lisa Hilton (Underground)
"Dizzy monkees" - Ren + Stimpy (You eediot!)
"Madu mahadahysat" - Arrington De Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa (Suara Naga)
"Throat I" - Little women (Throat)
"Dirty dogs" - David Kikoski Trio (Live at Smalls)
"Tillicum (theme for the TV show 'Here come the seventies'" - Syrinx (Made in Canada: more great stuff, volume 4 (1961-1974))
"The resonance of flesh" - Becoming The Archetype (Celestial completion)
"Wrath of the norsemen" - Amon Amarth (Surtur rising)
"Peace (for Dakota and Jason)" - Larry Young (Love cry want)
"Splendid miniature scenic spot" - B Lan 3 (Music for hunting and mapping)
"Pancharatna kirtinam-adi tala" - Emani Sankara Sastry (L'Ind du sud - l'art de la vina)

Pretty much a total dog's breakfast this week, from Australian aborigine music to metal and many points in between. A good show, I think.

I'll be hosting BTT next week but, as mentioned, I will be away for the May 2 edition. Myke Atkinson has kindly agreed to host the program in my absence and will do his usual great job. I'll be back for the May 9 show.



Ack said...

Any idea what track you were playing around 8 this morning? (April 25). It had a African beat to it.


Andrew Waller said...

Hi. The track was probably "Ne te fache pas" by Le Tout-Puissant Orchestre Poly Rhythmo from the CD Cotonou club.