Tuesday, June 28, 2011

July 4, 2011

"I hate the 80s" - The Vaselines (Sex with an x)
"Leroy Jenkins's air steps (for Leroy Jenkins)" - Wadada Leo Smith's Organic (Heart's reflections)
"Paperback writer" - The Fantastic Pickin' On Series (Bluegrass sampler)
"Etude" - The New Gary Burton Quartet (Common ground)
"Evil seeds" - The Raveonettes (Raven in the grave)
"Under the Mersey wall" - George Harrison (Electronic sound)
"Raisans" - Jr. Gone Wild (Simple little wish)
"Frank Sinatra" - The Peter Evans Quartet (The Peter Evans Quartet)
"Shelter" - Sila and the Afrofunk Experience (Black president)
"Happy birthday" - Doomeastvan (Songs in the key of death)
"Coax" - James Farm (James Farm)
"Meanwhile" - Benoit Delbecq (Biobeat)
"I've been leavin' too long" - A Cast of Thousands (A Cast of Thousands)
"?" - Andrew Vivona (Slow down for me)
"Dancing with a notion" - Lucas Haneman (This is what's up)
"The 911 curry" - Cornershop (Cornershop & the double 'o' groove of)
"Sam's float" - Dave Liebman (Lookout farm)
"Aboriginal" - Terumasu Hino (Double rainbow)
show promo - Peter Evans with Chris Dadge and Rachael Wadham (Live @ Emmedia)
"Put out that cig" - Brazilian Monkey (This is not a dream)
"I'm sticking with you" - Jason and the Scorchers (Clear impetuous morning)
"Blue Miss Sunday" Devics - (If you forget me…)
"Niglo 1 waltz" - Les Doigts de l'Homme (1910)

This was the exact 5th anniversary of Breaking The Tethers going on the air, though I didn't really celebrate this, just mentioned it a couple of times. Maybe I'll do more for future events of this nature.

Perhaps the most interesting element of the show today was the country element. Though it was far from an all-country program, country-ish sounds popped up in a few numbers (e.g. Jason and the Scorchers, Cast of Thousands, etc.). It all adds to the variation on BTT.


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