Monday, June 20, 2011

June 27, 2011

"My friend Dave" - Dave Holland/Pepe Habichuela (Hands)
"Rhizome 1-010011010011011" - Richard Pinhas & Merzbow (Rhizome)
"Mina Loy" - Thurston Moore (Demolished thoughts)
"AP touro" - Rebirth Brass Band (Rebirth of New Orleans)
"Initial machine experiments" - Pete Townshend (Scoop)
"Whitecoats" - New Model Army (Anthology)
"Lady Madonna" - Booker T. & The MGs (McLemore Avenue)
"L'aube" - Francois Couturier (Un jour si blanc)
"I-95" - Ruckus Fo'tet x Milla Thyme (Round one)
"The cloisters" - Bill Dixon (Odyssey)
"Shift" - David S. Ware/Cooper-Moore/William Parker/Muhammad Ali (Planetary unknown)
"Pride of man" - Quicksilver Messenger Service (Quicksilver Messenger Service)
"People make the world go round" - Milt Jackson (Sunflower)
"Death walk" - Fuel Injected .45 (Past demo-ns)
"Holdin onto black metal" - My Morning Jacket (Circuital)
"Sounddance part 2" - Muhal Richard Abrams (Sounddance)
"Spinet train" - Jack Curtis Dubowsky (Ensemble III)
"Captain Marvel" - Corea, Clarke & White (Forever)
"West african strut" - Dr. Michael White (Adventures in New Orleans
jazz part 1)
"Blue in green" - Screaming Headless Torsos (Screaming Headless Torsos)
"Space cats" - Heavy Tin (Space cats)
"Multi-d" - Nasar Abadey & Supernova (Diamond in the rough)
"Strange days" - Chris Andrew (Strange days)
"Tait's traced traits" - Farmers By Nature (Out of this world's distortions)

This was another program with a bit of a "new" and "jazz" slant though there were lots of other odds and ends featured. Probably more of a mixed-bag next week.

Speaking of next week, I noticed that the July 4 program will be the 5th anniversary of Breaking The Tethers. I'm not sure whether I will do anything special that day but it's good to recognize the significance.


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